Stressed? Uh, yea.

4 years ago


So I get stressed, doesn't everyone?  My deal is that I don't usually blog about it for fear of it getting out into the ionosphere or blogosphere or some sphere of influence where people will begin (or continue) to think poorly of me.  Or feel sorry for me.  Either one would stress me out.

Ordinarily when I get stressed, I do any/all of the following:

                1) Consider the time of the month and decide that I am                                        entitled...then go back to being stressed and ******
                2) Nothing.
                3) Think about how stressed I am and then do #1 and/or #2.

So it's December 31...New Year's Eve.  The day when people go out, drink too much, pretend to have a super great time and complain (inwardly mostly) about how they aren't really having a super great time and are drinking too much.

New Year's is also a time to make resolutions.  I don't usually do this, because I usually forget what I've resolved to do after about a month; hence, the resolutions become unresolved, unfulfilled, empty promises and mute.

This year I decided to at least do something about my stress.  I've already completed one task (it's okay to be jealous of me, I am pretty proud of myself) which involves Twitter.  Until about ten minutes ago there was a huge imbalance between the number of people I was following and the number who were following me.  This imbalance was due to the fact that I entered a number of large giveaways that (of course) I didn't win.  These giveaways required me to follow a bunch of people I had no intention of following in order to complete more entries for the giveaway I didn't win.  I have since unfollowed these people and now the imbalance is one I can live with...

So that's one thing off my "Really Needing To Do b/c I'm Stressed List".  The rest of the list?  Well, I honestly haven't even organized myself enough toactually make the list, but here are some items that should be on it because they are stressin' me out:

I lost hundreds of photos when I switched iPhones because mine could not be repaired.  I suppose I didn't technically lose them, I think they're floating in a cloud somewhere, but I have to pay money to some techno-God (Apple) to get them out.  I need many of these photos to write some blogs or I would say ***** it...

My iPhone switch also created a floating bunch of 800+ songs that I cannot figure out how to get back on my computer.  And, yes, I've Googled it, I know it's supposed to be easy.  I should probably have my 15 year old do it for me.  Maybe I'll bribe him with food.

I am not happy with my Analytics and this means I have to do something about it. "Do" requires an expenditure of my energy at a time when I'd rather not expend and this is causing me stress. 

I have never used Hoot Suite or Pin Hoot or any other hooty "e" thingthat is supposed to make my blogging life easier.  I think it is time, but the process of setting up these things that make my life easier are always hard for me.  I think I also have to pay for this.

Well, that's just the beginning for me...anything stressing you out lately?


Bonnie L. Frank

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