Stressed and Busy: Is It Your Badge of Importance?

5 years ago

Do you wear your stress as a badge of honor? Prefacing everything with "I know you're busy...but...?" What about random judgments about how much or little other people must be stressed? Guilty of jumping to conclusions? This article takes a thoughtful look at being busy and being stressed.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, especially in light of a recent article naming librarianship as one of the least stressful jobs and in light of being a blogger who often wonders what value I'm providing in my role as a book blogger (either in my role as a librarian professionally or in my role as someone who just enjoys reading and discussing books). The first piece -- the article about stress -- unraveled as librarians began offloading the sorts of stress they deal with daily in the work place. Some librarians saw this as an opportunity to downplay the stress of others, suggesting that their stress wasn't "real" or wasn't as "important" as stress in other jobs. The entire conversation has been fascinating and appalling on some levels. Since when do we rank stress and how it impacts everyone on an individual level? I find my job stressful, but a lot of it comes because of out-of-the-ordinary situations. I've worked in libraries where my stress was horrible because of factors completely unrelated to doing the job or unrelated to those oddball situations.

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