Strategies to navigate through the realm of emerging modern feminine spirituality.

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If you have not notice, feminine spiritual movement is growing and taking on a life of its own. Mixing of traditions and cultures is happening in yoga circles, Health campaigns, new age circles, in the casual business world and other of a kind. Women are joining together in many new ways to be together, share together and to learn together. 

There are many ways to approach feminine work that revolves around spirituality. There are many people out there claiming to be a teacher.

Today we see women in different walks of life who are reaching both inwards and outwards to look for and find meaning, connection, value and a sense of well-being. They are reaching for books and wisdom, sessions and healing, meditations and groups. 

As women we are looking and searching for the face of a feminine that will be a guide through the world. A mentor, someone who is encouraging and supportive.  We crave authenticity and healthy feminine bonds. We are looking to understand the feminine from a woman’s perspective, through a direct experience, through sharing an authentic honest connection that is based in reality. 

Old stories and myths no longer hold the same value or meaning in the modern world of technology and serve as a reminder of how to restore balance. We need to be able to adapt these teachings/stories of ancient times to serve us as a guidance and appropriate the wisdom with care. 

Many women also follow their own religious spiritual beliefs and so we must remain sensitive to these cultural values that people have.

Perhaps we do not relate personally with male spiritual figures, because they are men, and perhaps we long to hear the teachings of the Dharma from a woman.

We want to understand the spirit through the woman’s body and how it moves us and how it teaches us, and what it wants to say through the woman. We want to see it so we can also have a pointing way to understand how our own bodies can become this vehicle of feminine wisdom.

Women over centuries gathered and had elders and grandmothers in their tribes to connect with. A wise crow woman, or a medicine healer who would be the advisor and a resource in times of difficulties. 

Today in the modern life, these roles have been divided among many different women and professions, creating a disconnect between the body, mind and energy.

This leaves many women really wondering about ways in which to pick a good teacher/leader whom they can trust.  Social media’s phenomenal rapid advancement may bring us closer, but do we really know who is the person behind 500K Likes? This we discover by following and observing certain things.

Here are nine tips to stay safe and guide you to your right teacher.

1. Any teacher needs to be approachable, they are people so they have also their personalities and mood, and if you have an issue they need to be able to appropriately handle it.

This is a must, denying contact or answers that are appropriate and respectful is not a sign of a good teacher. With all prominent teachers, I have received 1:1 support without any issues. They are accessible. 

2. Watch the language they use, be cautious of language that makes no sense, expressions that are a twist on something concrete. Truth is simple it needs no defence. 

3. Be careful of and watch for exalted respect for teachers, devotion is a beautiful thing, and then there should be no dependency. A student should be able to make decisions on their own and in their own way, if you need to always rely on a teacher for a decision that renders you incapable of living a sovereign life. 

4. If you always need to pay the teacher to gain favour with them or to get anywhere that is a sign of ideology.

5. If you are unable to open and be yourself around a teacher/mentor that suggests that it is not an appropriate person for you – there needs to be a sense of wellbeing and peace and presence with your teacher.

6. Make sure that the teacher has proper accreditation and education that has its standard body of licence where you can be in contact with if needed. 

7. Understand the motive of the organization/teacher you are following. Why do they do what they do? What are they supporting? What are their mission and vision.

8. Listen to the community. Listen and hear even the people who do not have good things to say, as there are lessons there that can help you navigate. 

9. Are you ONLY drawn to female teachers? You need to examine that within yourself. It is healthy to remain in balance to have some male and some female teachers, if your desire is to only be with female teachers and only be with women please look deeper into it, perhaps there are unresolved issues within your dynamics.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

What has your experince been like with teachers?

Feel free to join in the conversation in the comments.




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