Stop Licking The Candy Store Window

6 years ago

Hi everyone,

Remember this?

"Do or do not. There is no try."

~ Yoda to Luke Skywalker just before Luke looked blue murder at his little green mentor

Ever wonder how Yoda got out of this episode without floating face down in the swamp? Perhaps the Force inspired Luke to listen to the being with 800 years more experience.

Yoda visited me too, in a way, while I was writing New Year's resolutions years ago. I hated them. The year I turned 30, everything changed.

That year, writing up my resolutions while watching my one-year-old get frustrated to tears by a Christmas toy a little too advanced for him, crawl away, then try again, I suddenly got it: Wow, I thought, I'm acting like an infant about my life goals. Which means that either I'm not ready to reach for my dreams or I'm seriously letting myself down.

And then: Now that he's getting some hair, the baby looks a little less like Yoda. He has my ears.

(Credit Image: © Globe Photos/"

So I dug in -- chewing up books, lists, ideas, daily journals. It took me forever, but I eventually figured out which psychic wall I was slamming my head on: I hadn't been willing to put in the time to develop a one-baby-step-at-a-time list of goals that I could make happen because I was scared, shall we say, diaperless. I had been operating under the misapprehension that sky-writing huge unattainable goals and never reaching for them was less painful than making a real run for them and possibly -- probably -- failing.

I was trying to sell myself on licking the candy store window as less disappointing than going inside and trying to taste the good stuff. Why? I was intimidated and I only had a nickel in my little plastic snap-purse.

This experience is why I'm so excited and proud of three crowd-sourced programs starring community experts that BlogHer kicked off last week. As you'll read below, In Entrepreneurs, Re-Careering and Health, we've found the women in our community who can inspire all of us to a no-lie personal best. We've designed curricula for you to improve your health, discover career happiness and evolve your idea for a start-up.

YES, I just offered you what I've always wanted: Free personal trainers for our careers, our bods and our big ideas. What are we waiting for? Here goes...what do you think?

Reinvent Yourself: Re-Careering

If you've gone back to work after the holiday (or not) and felt a sense that there has to be something more, you're not alone. BlogHer has launched a Reinvent Yourself, a new Re-Careering series aimed at inspiration from other women who have been there and done that. Women like Kathy Caprino, who posted What My Five Careers Have Taught Me:

"I've significantly revised my career numerous times over my 25 years of working, and each time, I've learned some powerful, surprising lessons -- about myself, my capabilities, perceptions, misconceptions, and about what it takes for me to attain what I want," writes Kathy. "The key lesson I've learned through my career reinventions is this– what you loved as a child and young person you most likely still love. And the key to having a fulfilling professional life is to find the right form in which to honor the essence of who you are and what you love…." Read more.

Go get your networking on:

Inspiration to Fitness 2012

Welcome to BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness Program! For the next eight weeks, our guest editors will post in Good Eating, Healthy Heart and Road to 5K. And I say -- as a grumbly person who often wants to put my gum in the hair of so many fitness guilt-trippers -- these women are irresistible. Check out HealthyAshley, who offers up the act of running as a holy grail:

"Running clears the mind, strengthens the body and builds toughness. Over the next eight weeks we’re going to cover a training plan to get you from wherever you are to running a 5k race, or 3.1 miles. Even if you don’t have a specific race to train for, this program will improve your fitness for whatever physical challenges you come across. Don’t worry -- nobody expects you to run 3.1 miles next week! We will build a base slowly so that, before you know it, a 5k race will seem like a walk in the park."

Read more.

Okay, HealthyAshley, you've convinced me. I love this message!

BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12, March 22-23, Silicon Valley

Last year's BlogHer Entrepreneurs was...

"the most empowering, instructive and inspiring conference I have ever participated in,"says Angelica Perez, Publisher and CEO of "The opportunity to present my business idea to a successful businesswoman and mentor was the highlight of the conference, not to mention the information-packed presentations, the excellent networking and the business tools and resources I took home with me. It was a 2-day mini-MBA for sure!"

I'm writing to invite you to join me, Elisa and Jory on March 22-23 in Silicon Valley, when we host BlogHer's second annual entrepreneurs conference at thelast year, we're bringing together leading venture capitalists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to mentor women ready to bet on themselves and their big ideas.

Whether your goal is to strike out on your own with a brilliant idea or to bring an entrepreneurial approach to your employer, this conference is for you. Bet on yourself and your big ideas (and if you are, please sign up soon since many of our spaces are now filled with alumnae from Entrepreneurs '11). We hope to see you there!

Lisa Stone, BlogHer Co-founder

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