Stone Soup Mondays: Your Favourite Blog Posts of the Week

6 years ago

I am a big fan of the Stone Soup approach to life -- one person starts off the pot by placing in a stone (or opening a blog thread) and each person brings a great morsel to the discussion until you have this big, comforting pot of soup bubbling on the blog. Or something like that.

The reality is that we all read these great posts during the week. We Stumble them, we Tweet about them, we even write a blog post in our own space responding to the ideas we read. I'd like to take a moment each week to gather up the best reads of the week -- from last Sunday to this Monday. In other words, this ongoing, weekly thread is a receptacle for all those great posts you read on the Internet and want others to read too.

I'll start it out each week by placing in the stone, a great post I read while I surfed from blog to blog. You'll add all the vegetables -- great posts you read -- in the comment section and people will be able to jump from post to post, reading and commenting.

This thread will remain open until next Monday when we'll start it all over again.

In addition to including a permalink to the blog post, please write a few sentences about what drew you to the writing in the first place.

Answers to Questions that Might be Bubbling in Your Mind

  • Can I nominate a post from my own blog? Of course -- why not? We all write great posts and we should stand by our writing, proud of what we're putting into the blogosphere.
  • Can I nominate only one blog post? No, if you read more than one fantastic blog post this week, please put in a link to more than one blog post. Just make sure you write a few sentences about each post.
  • What if the blog post I liked was written by a man? Include it! We don't discriminate over here at BlogHer and we're always happy to read great posts by a BlogHim.
  • I'm really shy and don't want to boast about this great post I wrote, but I want it on the thread. Then email it to me and I'll add it in. Or ask a friend to post about it for you.

Just to recap: each week, make sure you bookmark this open thread and check back regularly to find great posts to read. The thread remains open from Monday until the next Monday. I'll always start it off with a great post I read and then open up the comment section so that you can add a link and a few sentences about a great post (or two) you read. Please make sure the post fits within the thread's timeline (this week: April 25th to May 1st).

The Stone (otherwise known as getting this pot of blog soup started):

I loved the royal wedding coverage on The Road Less Travelled called "Monarchist Musings." From remembering past royal weddings and a little girl's admiration of all things princess to the ache of thinking about her own Kate -- her daughter Katie who would have been 12 had she lived -- Loribeth managed to cover this event in a way that made me smile, made me think, made me teary and made me remember. Which is no small feat.

To read more great posts written between April 25th and May 1st, please peruse the comment section below. And while you're reading these great posts, make sure you leave a comment to let the writer know that you agreed with the original sentiment that they wrote something thought-provoking, moving, or informative.

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