Stocking the Natural Medicine Cabinet

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I am not a medical professional, or an herbalist. I just know what works for me and my family, and would like to share it with you.


Our medicine cabinet looks like most, we have a couple of over the counter pain relievers, band aids and vitamins.  But there are a few things you will find that are not in your average medicine cabinet. Some you may have heard of, some of these may be new to you.


Arnica Gel –this is used to combat sore muscles and bruises. With my kids I need to by stock in this one.

Rhus Tox – with my family’s history with Poison Ivy this is a necessity at our house.

Aloe Vera Gel – for burns, soothing the skin, natural moisturizer. So many uses for this great plant. I keep a plant right in our bathroom for handy use.

Essential Oils – our must haves are Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Peppermint Oil

Altoids – yes believe it or not. Altoids are one of the few mints made with real peppermint oil. For an upset stomach you all you simply need to do is bite down and chew on two of these to release the oil.

Ginger – chews and capsules, ginger has so many good uses, as an anti-nausea and as an anti-inflammatory.  I also will use ginger liberally in my cooking(powdered)  and teas.

Calmes Forte – is a great sleep aid.  It is a homeopathic formula of all- natural ingredients and is safe to use for all ages

Melatonin – is known as a mild sleep aid Taken 30 to 90 minutes before bedtime, it acts as a mild hypnotic, helping to relax a body into sleep.

Oscillococcinum -  is a homeopathic flu remedy, we take it at the first sign of fluish feelings.

Epsom Salts – so many uses for this but two of my favorite are for achy muscles and to help lower blood pressure. Soaking in Epsom Salts has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Vitamin C and Zinc Lozenges   Studies have shown that taking vitamin C and Zinc at the first sign of a cold will shorten the length and lessen the severity.

Buckwheat Honey – this is our go to for coughs and sore throats, we mix it with some ginger tea and lemon for a triple whammy.

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