Sticking It To My New Year Resolutions

4 years ago

It's almost 2014 and now that everyone is finished with the argument or whether or not to say Merry Christmas, we can move on to resolutions. The time of year that gym's love because their new membership enrollment will increase.

I can probably name the number of times on one hand I've sat down and made actual resolutions. I usually don't bother because I know in advance the odds of me keeping them to Valentine's Day are slim to none. Why waste good time on something I know in advance I'm not going to do. Then I had an idea, it was like "Eureka" in the bathtub only I was in the shower. What if I had some peer pressure to help me keep my resolutions? Almost like Weight Watchers for New Year's Resolutions. Every month we would "weigh in" and see how far we've come and what better way to do that than a blog hop. The idea for stickin' it to my resolutions was born. Anyone is invited to partake, especially if you're like me and the only way you're going to do anything is if you're pressured into it.

My first resolution is that I want to participate in the 100 Days of Real Food. Now I have to be honest with you, doing this for 100 days is not the challenge for me, The challenge is keeping it up for the entire year. My family and I already eat pretty well. We don't drink soda at all, mostly water and fruit juices. The vast majority of the time our food is from the all natural section and we never eat anything with HFCS in it. The challenge for me comes with the side dishes at our meals. Not being able to buy potato chips and Cheetos or boxed macaroni and cheese is the real challenge. I rely too heavily on processed foods. We're 50% of the way to being totally all natural but we I need that extra push to go the rest of the way.

My second resolution is to be more present at home. I know what you're thinking, I'm a SAHM how can I not be present at home? I spend way too much time online, on my phone and playing useless games. My challenge is to only spend 2 hours a day on my computer and to save social media checks for after the kids bedtime. I thought setting my phone to vibrate would cut out phone checks but I just pick it up every time I hear it vibrate so that was no help at all. Games are limited to bathroom time only (come on you know we all play Candy Crush on the toilet, I'm just willing to admit it).

My third resolution is to make sure we do something with all the children at least once a month even if it means going out during the week (Eek!). I have this resolution because too many times we break up and do something for the younger kids or the older kids. The only time we ever go out all together is to eat or shop. We need to really learn how to all play together.

Fourthly, (that's not even a word but I'm going to use it anyway) I want to do one romantic thing each week for my husband to keep us reconnected. I figured one was an attainable goal because I am the most unromantic person on the planet and have been told at times that, "I'm about as sexy as a wet washcloth". Just hitting one will be a challenge for me. I'm sure Amazon is going to wonder why there was a run on books on how to be romantic so far from V-Day.

Last but least, the most important resolution is to bite the bullet strip the boys down naked if I have to and potty train their little butts by their birthday. I am NOT buying pull ups for 4 year olds. I just refuse to. It's my own fault and not theirs, I know how to take the blame but enough is enough. They will be trained by May, end of story.

These are my five resolutions for 2014. I hope you all can either participate or follower along, if you;d like to join the blog hop then head on over to


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