“The Stepford Husband” A Menopausal Woman’s Fantasy

Imagine this, if you will, a world where we, women afflicted with Menopausal Syndrome, are pampered, loved and understood, and dare I say (I dare, I dare), worshipped by our male counterparts—our “Stepford husbands”. Now that’s a world we can certainly live in, happily basking in coddled indulgence, in spite of the constant nuisance of hot flashes and irritability!

Imagine this:  your “Stepford husband” has prepared a foot-spa with perfectly warmed water, lavender scented, for your tired, aching and swollen feet. He is smiling adoringly, smelling delicious of his woodsy and spicy scented cologne, dressed in perfectly tapered jeans and pull-over V-tank-top, showing off his matured though chiseled body, painstakingly kept well all these  many married years. He has gone the full length to make sure you are as relaxed as you deserve to be.

After a session such as this, how could Menopause possibly annoy or irritate?

Imagine still:  the house looking spic and span—dishes and laundry done, the beds made, the floors swept and carpets vacuumed, the front and back yards manicured to utter perfection. You and your home, and your “Stepford husband,” make for being the envy of the neighborhood.

Surely Menopause has no place to set roots of annoyance and irritability here!

And imagine still:  After a long and exhausting day of shopping at the mall, trying on clothes and shoes, and discouraged to find that nothing fits to your liking—and the mirror has become your worst enemy—because, since becoming menopausal, you’ve put on a few hefty pounds and now find yourself very much out of shape. But you’ve arrived home to find that your “Stepford husband,” your tuxedo and tie dressed adoring mate, has a candle-lit dinner waiting on the table, and a bottle of bubbly, chilled, perfect to swig and swallow after every rich and delicious bite of home prepared food.

Like a soft wind blowing, he hurries to greet you at the door, tenderly showering you with hugs and kisses, whispering words that assure you that you are the most beautiful woman on Earth. You are perfect just as you are. The world spins and disappears, and you melt in his arms.

Remember, its only menopause that has warped your vision of You!

Now dare to further imagine this:  after a grueling day of listening to Menopause, harassing and making you feel worthless and insignificant; in the bedroom, you luxuriate in the arms of your “Stepford husband”, with lights dimmed and Bolero softly playing in the background. His strong, masculine hands begin worshiping your body; he coos words in the most considerate and tender way and pecks and nibbles in your most secret places he knows you have come to expect.

You’ve never known or imagined lovemaking could be so amazing, no, not from anything you’ve ever read from any wild romance novel.

You happily surrender to this moment. You’ve earned it, after all.

So Menopause, hot flashes and irritability, be gone!

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