Staycation Ideas - how to make a great one!

3 years ago

Hubby and I recently took a "staycation!" For the 4th of July holiday weekend, Hubby got off a couple days of work and we decided to spend some quality time together. Baby will be here in about a month so we wanted to have one "last hurrah" and some alone time before that big baby day came. Instead of spending lots of money to get a hotel and all that goes with going away for a few days, we decided to have a staycation. This staycation was much less stressful for us and a money saver! But staycations do require a few things! They are not without their fair share of work to plan and pull off! Here are some staycation ideas to keep in mind! staycation ideas


1. Plan ahead.

I'm a planner by nature so this was like second nature to me! Since we were going to be staying at home and relaxing, our apartment would need to be optimized for relaxation. Obviously! For me this meant having a clean and uncluttered apartment. So a  couple days beforehand I cleaned our apartment from top to bottom very well! I swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted, washed all of our clothes and generally uncluttered and purged some of the pile-up spots. Another big thing for me was the kitchen. I love to cook and I'm constantly in the kitchen doing something. On our staycation though, I wanted to be free from that. For some that means eating out for every meal. But for our situation and circumstances at the moment, that wasn't an option. So I planned ahead and prepared the meals that we would have over our holiday. I stuck them in the fridge so all we would need to do was heat it up! I also stocked up on paper plates and cups! I didn't want to be stuck at the kitchen sink cleaning everything during our weekend together. The last thing that Hubby and I planned was our activities. A staycation for us meant doing as little as possible. I was 8 months pregnant and not in the mood to hike through a forest, or spend the day at Disney or a museum. I wanted peace and quiet and total relaxation! Knowing what was going to be ahead of me in the coming weeks with the arrival of Baby, I wanted to get as much rest as I could! We decided to borrow some movies from our library that we'd been wanting to see. We bought a game of Scrabble to play since we both enjoy that game so much. We planned a few other activities as well like playing Xbox together (we have a couple games that we both enjoy and purchased for the express purpose of playing together), using a Red Lobster gift card that we'd had for a couple months, and reading some books together on marriage and child-rearing. While all of our activities revolved around us staying at home, your staycation may look differently. That's the neat thing about a staycation - it's totally customizable!

2. Set Rules.

Part of the reason Hubby and I decided to have a staycation was because we wanted to unplug from the world. No phones, work, schooling (Hubby is going to college part time), social media, etc. We had actually been on vacation about a month previously and I'd had the wonderful opportunity to unplug for a few days. I really loved not being tied to my phone or computer! So that was our intention with this staycation!

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