Starting A Book Club (Sadly, Without Kris Jenner's Help)

4 years ago

My family is pretty cool (obviously) and we have many traditions and legacies that will be handed down for generations to come. (Most notable is the most amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe ever.) (And no. I'm not sharing it.) But this past weekend my aunt and I pulled the trigger on what could become our family's most important legacy: a book club.

That's right. I said a book club. Like, an important book club. A non touchy feely, but still life changing book club. A book club of great importance that it should be capitalized. Book. Club.

So far, we lack a catchy name, a permanent meeting time, and an official purpose, but we have our first book. I should point out that some guerrilla tactics were used in the choosing of the book (mostly by my aunt) and some tears were shed. (I can't help it. I'm a crier.)

As the self-appointed founder/chairman/Grand Poobah of the Book Club, I immediately accomplished two tasks.

Task One: I enrolled my sister in the Club. She was fine with it (and I quote) "as long as there isn't any touchy, feely, self-help kinda crap" because she "doesn't have time for that nonsense". It should be noted that, as a family, we're not touchy feely kinda people so I can confidently say there won't ever be any books of that genre in our Club. Oprah we are not.

Task Two: I recommended our first book and oh boy is it a humdinger! I suggested an autobiography as our first read because A) I find people endlessly fascinating and B) I'm a sucker for a true story. Naturally, the first autobiography that sprang into my mind was one about one of the most influential women of our time. A woman who has single handedly built an empire from nothing, shaped a generation of young women and made the world care about her causes.

I am, of course, referring to Kris Jenner.



I was, of course, immediately shot down. Sigh. Some people have no appreciation for the struggle of others in the world. This is sad because we have so much to learn from Kris, specifically how to become famous for absolutely no reason except possibly the size of your kid's butt.

(Say what you want, but the woman's a marketing genius.)

Sadly, Kris' book received a resounding NO and a thumbs down from my aunt. Then that same aunt appointed herself co-Grand Poobah of the Book Club because apparently I cannot be trusted with the task of picking decent literature.

(Kris Jenner and I take umbrage.)

Fine. I threw out another title that I've been wanting to read. It seemed pop culturally relevant enough for some of us in the Club (meaning me) and intellectual enough for the smarties in our group (everyone else). The book I offered up as a suggestion is non-fiction. Non-fiction always takes me a significantly longer to read than fiction (like, nine times as long), which I figured would work in our favor as the Book Club kinda sorta has tentative plans to meet at Christmastime. After both the gifts and the wine have been opened, of course.

Enter Bill Bryson's "One Summer, America 1927".


Guess what it's about. That's right! It's about all the nifty stuff that happened over the Summer in 1927, like Charles Lindbergh's non-stop cross Atlantic flight, the release of the first talking movie "The Jazz Singer" and Babe Ruth's home run record. The book also touches on the shady side of American life in the summer of '27 with a section on Al Capone. It should be equal parts informative and entertaining.

Cough, cough, much like Kris Jenner's autobiography, cough, cough.

Feel free to read along with my fam or suggest titles for us to read because I don't know how long I can come up with titles that don't involve a Kardashian.


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