Start Fresh in 2013

5 years ago

For many of us, the start of a new year is when we feel motivated to make changes and begin better habits that will make us healthier and happier.

Sadly too many of us set unrealistic goals that we are unable to achieve, which makes us feel depressed, or we don’t bother setting any at all because we are jaded by past failed attempts. Do NOT let this hold you back. Setting goals that are within your reach and achieving them will boost your emotional well-being and add joy to your life.

To begin, first ask yourself 3 questions:

1.  Where am I today? 

Are you content with your life or are there areas that you feel you could be doing more, getting more?  It is important to define what “more” means to you. Do you want to save more? Do you need more experience? Do you want more time for yourself? This is your starting point.

2.  Where do I want to be? 

If you are uncertain about how you want to improve your life, then take some time to discover what interests you or what you are passionate about. Once you have a direction, then you can create a plan – and set goals – that will help get you there. Remember you don’t need to achieve the big picture overnight. Setting smaller, more realistic and achievable goals will keep you moving forward with a positive mindset.

3.  What is stopping me from getting to where I want to go?

Many of us know exactly where we want to go in our lives, but seem to be stuck. There could be 1,000 reasons why, such as a lack of money, bad habits or negative chatter in our heads. Athletes talk about the “invisible wall” that keeps them from achieving their full potential. Unfortunately there is no fairy dust or magic potion to tear down the wall. You can, however, break down barriers and overcome money obstacles with creativity. That means doing something different!

So what is the key to success?  The first step is always the hardest. Think back to the last time you made a successful change in your life and tap into the pride and accomplishment you felt. Those feelings will help motivate you to do it again. Of course, you are bound to encounter speed bumps on your journey. The trick is to look at them as reminders that you are moving forward.  Being receptive to new ideas will also open new possibilities. 

Make 2013 the year that you start fresh and get on the road to financial success.

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