Stacey Dash: "The Most Controversial Black Actress Today"

5 years ago

 First off, that controversial quote comes from Piers Morgan as he introduced the former 'Single Ladies' actress, Stacey Dash to his guest platform on Tuesday night. It appears that Ms. Dash has gotten bucket loads of attention, most negative, since she took to Twitter to endorse Mitt Romney for President- citing how he was the only choice for our future.

Okay, this is America and we do (thank God) have freedom of speech and choice, so, I'm not the one to judge how people should vote. I am also not in favor of how people have reportedly reacted to Ms. Dash's announcement. Last night, according to Piers Morgan, Stacey Dash has gotten a lot of negative backlash from tweets such as " kill youself you old hag." That is just insanely obtuse and blantantly horrifying.

As a Southern Black woman, I can tell you, I take issue with Ms. Dash appearing clueless when she innocently states how "Our country is not united!" Well, duh, and "where have you been hiding for so long, Ms. Pretty.?" This country was built on injustice and degradation- lest we forget the reasons for this great divide in the first place? The war between the States or the Civil War...a great divide between people wanting to continue to enslave other people and those who opposed it. 

There's the Night Riders of the Klu Klux Klan...Jim Crow Laws...Skin Heads...people playing the race card,just because... I just want to know where you've been all of your Black life, Ms. Dash? Now,let's be clear, Ms. Dash isn't the only person of color to vote Republican. She joins the rank of many conservatives as we well  know,some of our intimate circle of friends are not Democrats.

I don't have a beef with that. In a world needing to practice tolerance, I say, use your gift of freedom wisely. Ms. Dash says she did her research. Did she, at any time research the 2002 Mass Debate with Shannon O' Brien? Does she know about all those promises and does she know how the man flip-flopped even then? 

And forget Big Bird, what about Mitt Romney refusal to speak with the children on (journalist) Linda Ellerbee's "Kids Pick The President?" To each its own, but, when you do your reasearch in specifics, Ms. Dash, please look past the gift for gab and who's really walking the talk. 

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