Tutorial Tuesday: $2 Spunky Step Stool

6 years ago
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After finishing up our closet makeover a few weeks ago, we realized we needed a small step stool to reach our highest row of storage boxes. We wanted something that wouldn't take up much room, would be functional, and, of course, inexpensive, so we wandered to our local flea market to see what we could find. After making too many laps to count, and throwing out a few options, we spotted this little treasure buried in a corner under a table.

I know, it may not be screaming "take me home!", but we thought it had potential. It was the perfect size, had these funky round legs {that were completely mismatched-one had a heart cut out and the other was clearly DIYed to match}...

But the selling point was the price tag.

For $2.00, we couldn't pass it up. I started brainstorming how I could revamp it and came up with a vision that would fit in perfectly with our closet. We snatched it up, brought it home, and got to work. I started by removing the very disgusting lace {it was too gross to even show you a close up} and taking my orbital sander to it.

Then I had to fill in the nail holes on top with some wood putty.

It just needs to dry for about 20 minutes and then you can use a palm sander to smooth it out.

Before I painted it, I grabbed some scrap fabric leftover from the fabric wall in our closet to attach to the sides. I laid it out on the side of the stool and traced it with a pen.

And then cut the shape out.

Since the two sides of the stool are identical, I laid the first one that I cut out and laid it on top of another scrap of fabric. I pinned it in place and cut around it to avoid tracing again.

Once I had my fabric ready to go, I took my stool outside and started to paint. We were lucky enough to have some sunshine this weekend so I was able to bundle up in my winter coat and run out to spray for a few minutes at a time. You could also paint this in your garage or roll some paint on instead of spraying if the weather doesn't permit spraying outdoors.

I gave it two light coats of primer and two light coats of white spray paint. Once it was dry, I brought it back inside and starting taping off a chevron pattern for the top. I cut 3" pieces of blue painter's tape and laid them out in a zig zag pattern for the first row. I measured the spacing on the first row to repeat the second and third rows.

It looked like this when all three rows were taped.

Then I took it back outside and gave the top a coat of a glossy gray spray paint.

I let it partially dry, then brought it back inside to remove the tape.

Once all the paint was dry, it was time to attach the ribbon and fabric. I hot glued the same ribbon from our closet shelves along the edges of the stool. I thought it would help tie the stool in nicely and cover any imperfections in the wood.

The last step was the fabric sides. I painted on some water-based sealer/glue/finish to adhere the fabric. I painted it on with a cheap foam craft brush.

And smoothed the fabric on top.

Then I went over the fabric with the same sealer/glue/finish to give it a glossy shimmer.

And that's it! A fun, spunky step stool for $2.

I love how much personality it has. The rounded spunky legs, contrasting patterns, smooth shiny ribbon...it all comes together so nicely in the closet. And, of course, adds some function. :)

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