Spring Resolutions...

3 years ago

Everyone makes New Year's resolutions and almost always promptly breaks them, myself included.  Most of us start the new year with big plans and aspirations to get into shape, to be more organized, and the like.  We resolve to do all these things that will make us prettier, healthier, more together.  But in my opinion, we make these resolutions at the worst time of year.  Sure, the beginning of a new year feels like a perfect time to begin again and start with a clean slate.  The holidays are over, our weight is up, and it seems (seems!) like the perfect time to get ourselves together.

This year, I'm going to make Spring Resolutions.  Winter is generally hard, especially for those of us who endure harsh and cold winters.  This year in particular has been very brutal.  Even today, this third day of March, when we generally expect to see a robin or two or at the very least temperatures in the double digits, we awoke to the thermometer buried in negative degrees with iced up car windows, and the piles of snow so frozen, they creak and groan as cars drive over them.  So Spring feels like a natural time to resolve to make things new when, in fact, Spring itself brings newness.  

The snow melts and makes way for green grass, flowers, and buds on trees.  Leaves return as do the birds and their birdsongs.  The air has an entirely different feel and smell.  It's the season of rebirth.  Despite what the temperature reads today, I feel confident it will be warmer within days and I might be able to even open the windows for a few minutes and let in some fresh, crisp air.  It will air out my home, stuffy from winter, and blow in hope and inspiration.  I will begin spring cleaning.  This will be the time I resolve to be a cleaning machine.  I will air out and organize closets and scrub baseboards and shine windows, and I resolve to do this on a more regular basis.  With the freshness of Spring, I will resolve to keep our home, our haven, fresh and inviting, comforting and relaxing. 


With the arrival of Spring, we tend to want to shed excess, be they excess pounds or just excess "stuff."  I will shed excess stuff and find new homes for things we no longer use. (I will also vow not to replenish our excess once I've purged it).  When Spring comes, we still have time to make lifestyle and exercise changes before Bikini Season is upon us.  With Spring, it feels so much more natural and possible to get in better physical shape.  In winter, we want to nestle inside in our warm baggy sweaters where we can hide our physical excess for a few more months and the getting in shape and exercising doesn't feel so appealing. 

With Spring, I will exercise more and actually utilize our gym membership.  I will feel the season of shorts, bathing suits, and sundresses barreling down on me, and it will inspire me to get fit.  I will delight in eating veggies and fruit even more than I do now.  More items will become available to us as they come into season and we will eat lighter and spend more time outside.  It will be a season of better health and happiness for me.  I will vow to be less distracted and step away from technology more.  I want to hear the sounds;  the sounds of Spring and the sounds of my children talking to me and to each other.  I will be more present in my own life and the lives of those I love so fiercely.  I believe Spring is a time of newness and rejuvenation and revigoration and I will resolve to make good things better and spark a revival in my own life.  Featured on BlogHer.com

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