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I recently spoke with a mom who asked me how to get started couponing. Her questions were not just about where to get coupons she had concerns about time and mostly she said that she had watched a few episodes of  couponing show on TLC and did see in her opinion only saw a whole lot of junk food being purchases sodas, white pastas, candy , and frozen dinners.  She said do you buy any good food with coupon.

Well that got me I don’t watch that show I told her because of the reasons she stated and that I noticed some of the people who have been on that show have often complained after the experience about the over the top ways the producers asked them to do. Most who were on that show said they don’t normally shop that way and that they didn’t feel as though they were portrayed accurately. Check out blogherfor articles and interviews’ with some of these couponers.

 As far as the nutritious value of coupons well I have to say after going through cancer having two children with medical issues in my home we do not buy junk food and never really have. My kids have never had soda, or candy. I do bake you all know that, but I control the sugar the type of flour and amounts I make at a given time. All these ingredients I use coupons for.

There are so many great nutritious foods that you can buy with coupons especially this time of year check these out on our coupon page:

Save $0.75 off any one Fiber One Cereal, 

Save $1.00 off of three Campbell’s Healthy Request Soups

Save $0.50 off of any two Cups any Yoplait Greek Yogurt

Save $1.00 off any two Hormel Premium Chicken Breast products

These are just a few of the many healthy coupons that can be found. Remember our list of on sale and coupons for January these are just a few of them

*National Oatmeal Month: quick, old-fashioned, rolled, and steel-cut oats, ready to cook oatmeal packets, etc.

*Diet Foods including: cereal, frozen entrees, meal and granola bars, diet shakes/ drinks, Healthy Choice, South Beach, Lean Cuisine, Special K, Kashi, Smart Start, 100 Calorie Packs, (read labels closely some are not all sugar free or fat free)


*diet aids: shakes, weight scales, diet cookbooks, exercise equipment & weights

Manufactures are realizing if they want you to buy their products they have to give you more coupons that can get you to buy them again. So check out our coupon page and stock up on healthy products for your family. 

For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com



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