Spend Less Save More: Coupoing and Dairy Products

4 years ago

Save on Dairy Products while couponing.

It is possible as I’ve said so often it takes planning and work, but it can happen and it’s worth it in the end. Sales: Consider shopping at the store that has the cheapest price on milk or eggs savings can really add up. Check out your local convenience and drugstores, where milk & eggs can be lower prices than other stores.

Take for instance my daughter is lactose intolerant and she has to drink her favorite Silk buying it in quarts is expensive and when we bought it at our grocery store it was almost $1.00 more per carton than when we buy it at Sam’s Club we get 3 in for under $7.00 and let me tell you buying it at Sam’s Club I’ve notice the expiration date is longer than at my grocer, don’t know why it just is.

Coupons: Dairy coupons are rare, but they can be found the most accessible are for yogurt and cheese. Coupons for butter, milk & eggs do come around every so often. Catalina promos sometimes offer a free gallon of milk with the purchase of cereals or cookies. Look for Peelies on shredded and sliced cheeses or cereal boxes for discounts on milk. These are found around the beginning of the school year so stock up when you can on those cereals.

 Mark-downs: When dairy products near an expiration date, retailers often mark them down by 50%. Look for stickers on the individual products– they will usually be the front ones on the shelf. Marking down of products usually occurs in the evening or early hours at grocery stores, so you have a greater chance of finding them if you’re a late night or early morning shopper.

Ask your local store when mark-downs happen and plan to be there soon after. When you find a great price on milk, cheese, butter, or yogurt, consider stocking up and freezing the extras. Yogurt cups and sealed packages of butter & cheese can go straight into the freezer. For milk, you’ll want to take out a few inches before freezing to leave room for expansion.

While dairy products occasionally have coupons, remember that these items are something that you won’t likely get for 90% off like you can on toothpaste. Spending money on produce and meats is expected and when we save in other areas it brings your overall bill down. Keep in mind that your goal is to save 50%-90% on your total bill, which includes food & non-food items.

Spending as I’ve said in our monthly check of expenses , on necessary items is always worth working on what you can do and what you can do is save on all other items that allow you to purchase wisely on items you just can’t all the time. Visit www.where2save.com for more tips and savings.

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