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8 years ago

I just finished reading a book, the title and author of which I won't disclose. Not because I think they're going to find out (who reads my blog, anyway?), but rather to spare other people the agony of reading appalling grammar and nauseating spelling. Is it not the duty of the editor and publisher to see to it that these awful mistakes are corrected? In fact, it's bad enough that the author would make such errors to begin with. It's your profession, for Chrissake. 

Now, I'm not an author, but as a former English minor student, I've read my fair share of books and written my fair share of papers. I've also edited my fair share of college-level essays, most of which fell on both ends of the writing competency spectrum. All that being said, this published piece of literature has most certainly fallen on the end of the spectrum where we all hope our work doesn't land.

I think it's a pet-peeve of mine when people can't spell right. Sorry, I don't mean to chastise those who perhaps did not have adequate schooling, if at all. I think mainly it's the fact that those who have had the same education as I have little to show for their parents' hard-earned investments in their schooling. We're all different, I'll give you that. Some students are short of geniuses, others a little above neanderthals, and most somewhere in between. But I'm talking about basic, elementary foundations of English writing and spelling that even some twelve year-olds have mastered successfully which some college students have not.

Take, for instance, an incident wherein someone is insulting me via chat, email, or whichever form of electronic (or written) form of communication. They go, "Your stupid." I say, "My stupid what?"

I mean really, guys. Is it that hard to know where to put your apostrophes and where to add "re" when necessary? I'm trying really hard not to lecture, but how many essays and papers have we written to get where we are now? And how many does it take to know the difference between "your" and "you're"? If anything, the smallest mistakes just make you seem a lot stupider than you probably really are. Typos are understandable, but when repeated constantly, you begin to wonder what it was they were really doing when that lesson was being taught in English back in, oh.. 2nd grade.

Some other examples that unleash my pet-peeve induced fury (for your viewing pleasure):

  • "She is way to drunk tonight." Yeah I'll have to agree. She is way, way to drunk. And evidently so are you.
  • "Were you able to ask you're Mom if you can go?" No, not yet. But I'll be sure to let you know.
  • "I should of went to the beach today." a;ldfja;ldksjfa;lksdjfa;lkdsj there are no words to express my annoyance at the sheer stupidity of some people.
  • "I don't want to loose my camera if I bring it along on the trip." It's okay, maybe you can bring a screwdriver to tighten it up a little on the way.
  • "Linked together." Redundant much.
  • "He is definitely more smarter than Joe." Too bad you're not half as smart as Joe.

There are more.. but in time I will add them. This is already too many misspelled words and poor grammar for one night.

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