Spam and all its "Professional" Glory

6 years ago

Have you ever paid close attention to your blog spam comments? If not, you should. Because it’s fun, in an irritating sort of way. Since moving to self hosted word press, there are many blog maintenance things I am responsible to take care of myself. One of which, is cleaning out my spam folder. I don’t know why I laugh so much at these comments. You would think I would get over it. But each time I giggle over the stupidity of it all. I guess I’m just immature by nature. Proven by the fact that I still laugh at Ren & Stimpy.  It’s after 11PM, I really should go to bed…but how can I possibly? I have so much to tell you; like this post about spam.

After cleaning out my spam folder I compiled a list of the bad to worst.

 Top ten worst spam comments.

10) I didn’t know where to find this info then kbaoom it was here. (Really? You know, I’ve heard Google is a good place to find information. Have you tried that yet?)

9) I can’t believe you’re not plaiyng with me–that was so helpful. (Wait, what? Are you upset or pleased. I’m confused.)

8) Do you have more great artilces like this one? ( There is this little thing called archives? You can browse that if you’d like)

7) To think, I was confused a munite ago. (Thanks, but I think you still might me a tad bit confused. That’s not the way to spell minute.)

6) If you want to get read, this is how you sohuld write. ( Really? I’ve always heard to be careful with grammer and spelling. But I will take your advice. Tanks so muhc for teh tip)

5) Ya learn somtehnig new everyday. It’s true I guess! ( Yes it is true. Too bad you didn’t learn how to spell “something”)

4) Boy that raelly helps me the heck out. ( Well golly gee  heck – I’m so happy I helped.)

3) Rogaine ( Product to treat baldness!!!! Oh, are we not playing Jeopardy?)

2) Your article was excellent and erdtuie. ( I have no idea what erdtuie means…but thank you?)

and the #1 worst spam comment…

1) You put the lime in the ccoount and drink the article up. ( I’m speechless. How could I possibly have a comeback for that?)


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