Someone at My Service or DIY

3 years ago

“Would you ever want a personal chef, or do you enjoy cooking your own meals?”

It would be nice to have a personal chef every once in a while. But I think for me that would grow old fast.  Yes, having someone prepare a scrumptious meal when I come home tired and hungry after a long day would be really handy some days. However, I would have more fun preparing my own meals.

First, I love to experiment with food.  I will look at a recipe but never follow it exactly.  I will either add or take away an ingredient, always.  I don’t follow directions very well. As a matter fact, all my cookbooks are clean because I am not one of those people who pour over a recipe while they cook. I read it, memorize the ingredients, decide on my substitutes, and get to work. Even when I drive and use my GPS, I will endeavor to chart my own journey.  My grandfather used to call this being stubborn but whatever. I find this works well for me in cooking.

Second, preparing my own meals is very soothing for me. Therapy if you will.  I take the time to think about what I want to cook and I envision the end result in my mind — how it will look, taste, and smell. Writers mull over a chosen topic, artists ponder a subject, I envision the end result of my meal preparations.  I overheard a colleague say that his mother always said that you can tell when a meal is prepared with love.  Meaning, you can actually taste the love in the cooking.   I sincerely believe that because that is the way I prepare and cook my meals.  I don’t think you get that from a professional chef.  The difference to me would be comparing the hug from a loving husband on cold winters’ night to being wrapped up in a warm blanket.  They both provide warmth but if I had the choice, it would be a loving husband’s hug every time.

And lastly, being a control freak, I want to know everything that is going into my mouth and subsequently my body.  I choose what I eat based on the benefit to my body. Even if it is ice cream and cake when the benefit is mostly to relieve stress.  True, maybe I can tell the chef what to make but that would be like someone telling you how and what to write and not in a good way.

So in response to today’s NaBloPoMo prompt, while it would be nice to have a personal chef every now and then, I would much prefer to prepare my own meals.   Thank you for the opportunity to elaborate.


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