5 Tips for Solo Female Travel

4 years ago


Traveling alone as a female is not as dangerous, scary, lonely, or {insert negative adjective here} as you’ve heard it is on TV, or from your albeit well-meaning relatives. Or at least…it doesn’t have to be.


I’ve done a respectable amount of traveling on my own since I was in college- mostly Asian countries and parts of Europe. India is also on the list and, trust me, if you can travel alone in India you can travel anywhere!

Of course, I know we've all heard the horror stories, but I always stress to my loved ones that these horror stories, while they do happen, are the exception and not the rule to traveling alone as a woman.

For the most part, traveling alone requires roughly the same amount of planning as traveling with a partner. Here are a basic few tips we can follow when travelling solo: 

1. Unfortunate Scenarios

Things like traffic accidents, hotel fires, random acts of violence, political disturbances, etc. are all things that are usually unavoidable regardless of where you are or who you’re with. It’s still important to be reasonably aware of these things and just generally stay out of harm’s way.

2. Enjoying a cocktail vs. Getting sh*t-faced

I like bars. Some of my best travel memories involve having a beer/martini/margarita with some new interesting person from somewhere I’ve never been before.

When it comes to alcohol, and this should be obvious, use discretion and don’t get wasted! (*steps down from soapbox*)

I’m certainly no teetotaler, but if I’m alone in a foreign land, I prefer to err on the side of caution and sobriety. I don’t mean to sound callous, but no one wants to be the drunk girl that ends up dead in some stranger’s hotel bathroom. Am I right? Of course I am. Why? Because you’re dead. Or raped, or attacked, or something really, very, incredibly unpleasant! If you feel like you may have stupidly overdone it, don’t walk home all tipsy and vulnerable. Get a coffee. Eat a burger. 

3. Safe Walking After Dark

Walking alone in shady neighborhoods after dark is a no-no at any age, and in any country. Period. Try to mentally memorize your route home during daylight hours and carry a small, durable flashlight. You're less likely to get lost if you already know where you're going...know what I mean? Maglite makes one small enoughh to fit in my handbag. When in doubt, hail a cab. 

4. Avoid Creepy People

Use your intuition. If someone seems like a weirdo/creepo/psuedo-rapist politely excuse yourself, and don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

5. The 'Mom' Rule

Okay, it doesn't have to be your mom, but I always keep one or two people at home informed about where I am and where I’m sleeping. Depending on the details of your journey, I know it's not always practical to know this information in advance. However it's wise to leave someone at home, anyone really, your general itinerary. 

All the points I have made here are based on experience and common sense. Traveling is meant to be a fun-filled, growth experience as long as you use your head.


What do you think? Have you traveled alone as a woman? Would you? Please share!


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