So who are you NOW?

5 years ago

Currently "between positions" (nice way of saying laid off in the latest economic quagmire and looking for gainful employment), Karin started writing cooking in my heels to save sanity, share a life-long obsession with food and cooking, and put the voices bouncing around her brain on virtual paper. She (me) also likes making people laugh, occasionally think, and has to do something with all those shoes, so there you go. 

Cooking in my heels is the result, and features the recipes, observations and general ramblings of a highly qualified yet under-employed executive and serious food lover in her fabulous shoes. Karin lives in Manhattan, and cooks up a storm in her ‘modest’ (see “teeny”) kitchen. Her command of cooking and securing fabulous shoes (at discount) are legendary, at least in her circle of hungry and shoeaholic friends.  The blog shares her love of food and insights on surviving that ‘in between jobs’ time and life in general with humor and sanity intact, mostly… all while wearing fabulous shoes.

So, who am I, really? Well, you would have to buy me a cocktail and definitely a really nice dinner to hear the whole story, but for now there’s this: I’m a card-carrying member of the ‘I live for food’ congregation.  It’s pretty much genetic for me. Oma was a classically trained cook. Mom learned from the master and added to that base with the talent to bake kitty-cat cakes and create roses from radishes and penguins from hard-boiled eggs, olives and carrots. There’s no denying it…I was born for food. I was also born with food memory. As a toddler when told, “we are going to Tante Gertrude, I’d reply, “that’s where we had cherry pie!” I was 4, it was destiny.

So that’s the cooking part, but the heels? I’ve been many things in my life so far: biology teacher, corporate trainer, non-profit CEO, consultant and unemployed.  Through this seemingly unrelated string of careers was one common denominator — shoes.  Regardless of the budget or title, this gal loves her some shoes! And as any woman knows, no matter how crappy you think you look, you always feel beautiful in a fabulous pair of heels. So what does a food driven unemployed gal DO with all that fabulous footwear?  Wear them in the kitchen!  All that fine Italian leather gets lonely, and as a pick me up on a blue day of countless resumes and pitches (and too many ‘no thank yous’), there’s nothing better than slapping on a pair of Pradas and cooking up a feast. Voila! Cooking in my heels was born! Check it out at

(And if, perchance, you'd like to hire me, or at least see what I actually did for a living before joining the unintended leisure class, check out my LinkedIn profile at

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