So, I Was Contacted By @TIME Magazine…… #AttachmentParenting

6 years ago
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You know those e-mails you get that are clearly spam. The ones that are kinda vague and some Christian lady in Africa needs help getting her millions if you’ll just give her your bank account number? Well I thought it was one of those!

I opened my inbox to a letter from an assistant at Time Magazine who was writing me on behalf of a Photo Editor who wanted me for a photo shoot. You know, go to New York City (on them of course), have a photo shoot, return home, etc, etc, etc. I sat on this e-mail for 2 hours. I sent it to my husband. I called them. The phone rang.

The editor picked up the phone. I told him I had received a strange e-mail from them about attachment parenting. “Oh, YES! We need a subject for a photo shoot on a profile of Dr. Sears”…..

Um…..Um….Um. It was totally cool, and it was for the photo shoot of their latest issue that is causing all sorts of controversy in the social media universe this afternoon.  In the end, Poppet was a little younger than the look they were going for, but the fact that they read the articles on Extended Breastfeeding and co-sleeping, and got in touch with me was an amazing experience! I hope I get an opportunity like that again. I mean, TIME MAGAZINE contacted ME!!!! I may never erase the e-mail from my inbox!

The story on Dr. Sears in on newsstands today, and I for one am amazed at what they’ve done visually! If you haven’t heard of it yet, the cover pic is an L.A. Mom breast-feeding her 3-year-old son while he is standing on a stool, and it is trending all over the world right now.  Many think it has gone too far, some think it will open doors that are closed in this part of the World.  There are many other nations where breast-feeding is a normal part of everyday life, but even at just 18 months-old I get all sorts of looks from people when I nurse Poppet, and I often feel the need to hide!   Would love to hear your ideas on attachment parenting.  Do you agree or disagree?  Do you feel obligated to act a certain way because of the culture we live in?  What do you wish was different?  Comments are open!

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