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5 years ago

There was a great character on Saturday Night Live called Stuart Smalley.  Stuart Smalley used to say "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me." This was a hilarious skit but the message was one of truth.  You can do what ever you want with your life but you have to tell yourself that you CAN do it.  

President Obama's campaign slogan was "Yes we can".  It's succint but it really packs a message into three short words.    Say it over and over to yourself and you will find out that you really can do what ever you set out to.  You can do it, you can do anything that you want to, you just have to believe in yourself.  By talking nicely to yourself you will be more likely to reach for the stars and become a better person. By telling yourself that you are worth it and you can do it; your goals are much more obtainable. 

Have you ever heard that in order to receive love, you have to love yourself first?  It's true.  You have to love yourself first and build up your own self esteem before you can honestly provide positivity to others.    Positive self talk will enhance your self esteem quite quickly.   You'd really be surprised at how fast your outlook will start to change and how your goals will become accomplishments. 

A good sense of self is crucial in today's world.  With importance laying so heavily on our cyber world, we are less likely to actually communicate face to face with others.  It's perfectly easy to hide behind the computer but you need to present a well put together personality when you are in the company of others.  Make eye contact, talk positively about what you are doing in your life and conversation will flow.  By talking to yourself positively you will succeed in whatever you choose to do.  A professional athelete pumps themself up before a big game on purpose.  If an athelete did not do this they would not believe in their abilities therefore, they wouldn't push themselves to obtain their goals.  You can do anything that you set your mind to, go out there and get what you want!  I believe that if you tell yourself you are worth it, you will believe it.

It's important to talk to yourself positively on a consistent basis, by doing this you are forming habits. These habits will then turn into a lifestyle.  After incorporating positive self talk into your life you will find that you begin to reach for goals that were not on your radar in the past.  You will see that your world will change for the better and you will be living a new way.  It's great to pat yourself on the back and take pride in the changes that you have created.  Relish in the fact that your life is taking a new direction and you are in charge.  Tell yourself that you can do it, and you will.     

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