So... Have you ever wondered how other people experience God or the Divine?

5 years ago

I'm fascinated by the concept of God. This is not from an academic stance but a deeply personal yearning for ongoing experience of the Divine.

Yet my journey has not been the most traditional one. I was raised Catholic and left the church in my early 20's. Then after a number of years of studying yoga at a huge yoga center, I became a disciple of the guru there.

But shortly after initiation he was ousted for having sex with some of the beautiful young women who sought out his spiritual teachings. This left me depressed and in a tail spin.

So, seeking answers, I picked up a tape recorder in 1995 and started asking a great diversity of people what they would do if given God's phone number. Seven years later "If I gave you God's phone number....Searching for Spirituality in America" came out. The following year, it was recognized in a number of national book competitions.

During that writing period, I was drawn to studying with Native American teachers and immersing myself in discovering the Sacred Feminine aspects of spirituality. It's been fifteen years now and I'm still fascinated by the concept of the Divine Feminine and Earth-based spiritual beliefs. I'm presently working on a 2nd book on this topic.

But I still love the question about possessing God's phone number. What I particularly enjoy is giving people a safe environment to talk about their God, their spiritual practices and how they experience the Divine personally. It's a beautiful experience encouraging people to open up that very personal part of their lives. Most of us have that intimate aspect of ourselves, yet rarely reveal it.

I invite any of you to play with the question: "If I gave you God's phone number, what would you do with it." You may learn some very interesting things about those whom you love.

And if you'd like to learn what some others have said, you are welcome to explore my book. ( and available on Amazon.)

Life is a journey and I'm certainly loving the learning and the adventures.



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