Snow Forts and Blogging

6 years ago

Since the first seasonal snowfall my children have developed a one track mind to build the perfect snow fort. They come home from school with anticipation of building a snow fort that has seats, a bowling alley, and somewhere to fit a big screen TV.

It is when they are in the planning stages it makes me think how this snow fort is similar to the many stages of blogging. They both take time, thought, and creativity. It is the creation of a vision that sometimes crumbles and other times takes on a life form of its own.

It's in the early hours of the day we wait for inspiration to hit in order to write the perfect post. It comes to us whether we are in the midst of doing the dishes, going for a run, or strikes the moment the perfect song come on the radio.

As I watch my sons become inspired with ideas drawing their blueprints for their fort. It reminds me of the times I create my own outline for each post attempting to plan what I want to write and follow thru on the intent of the post.

It is with the completion of the blueprints they spend the next fifteen minutes fidgeting, getting ready, and finally fumbling into their snow suits. The next fifteen minutes before I begin to work on my post is the final stages of procrastination - answering emails, getting up for more coffee, and operating the laundry machine before sitting down to write.

The boys finally run outside with their shovels in their hands and they begin to build their snow fort. They is dig within the snow and attempt to build their sturdy get away. I dig within my brain lifting layers of ideas until the words flow out getting lost in my own blogging space.

It is once the words flow-out I am left with a haphazard piece which begins to crumble before my eyes. It's too wordy? This doesn't work here? It is at this stage I begin to tear it apart and start over once again.

I look out the window and I see my sons debating the shape of their fort intent on making it only bigger! They pile the snow on top of the its roof attempting to create more space and more room to play.

It is once I feel comfortable with my own space, I feel it is fine, I then press the publish button. It is after I press the button I wait with anticipation for a friend to drop by to share their own thoughts with an imaginary warm cup of coffee. I look out the window to see a smile on my sons knowing faces that their fort is sturdy enough to sustain a snowball fight - they knock on their friends doors for them to come out and play!

It is the completion of both a fort and a post that make both a worthy task to complete on a snowy day. The ability to share something of your own with fellow bloggers, the and enjoyment of the comments. It is the same enjoyment my sons feel at the perfect moment to throw a snow ball in the air and sipping hot cocoa with his friends.

It is these special moments which make me enjoy the process of blogging, the thoughts, the creation, and getting to know other fellow bloggers. So I ask is anyone up for a good snowball fight?

What does blogging feel like to you?

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