Smart moms can size up a legit side income with Photoshop know-how

4 months ago
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Modern times are defined by rising aspirations and rocketing expenses. Your level of expenditure will shoot up to a whole new level when you will welcome your little bundle of joy to the family. As a doting mom, you will always wish to secure the financial stability for your kid. You will have to make prior arrangements to finance his/ her school, graduation,  extracurricular activities, health and other related areas. Given the staggering rates of expenses today, one job might not be enough to ensure a stress-free living. Are you a soon to be a mom who is looking for ideas for a solid side income? Well, why don’t you try a career in freelance design?

Designers are much in demand in the contemporary digital world. There are various avenues to deploy your designing skills and add on to your monthly bank balance. Designers are in increasing demand in the web designing sector. Moreover, a lot of designs are carried on and finalized on the digital tools today. From business cards to logos to greeting cards to certificates – everything needs a skilled graphic designer to shoulder the job. And when it comes to designs today, Photoshop is the best tool to hone up your designing skills.

Let’s see how Photoshop skills can help you with a solid side income

Work as logo designer

Every business needs a logo to represent their brand. Commercial logo designing is always and would always be an excellent source of side income for a mom. Sometimes you might need to create a logo from scratch based on inputs of your client-company. However, at times, a company needs a Photoshop designer to illustrate its pre-designed logo sketch on the digital surface. There are freelance job sites online that offer a wide variety of graphic design projects. You can subscribe to them for a steady flow of offers.

Work as certificate designer

Certificates are an indispensable part of any academic or training institution. Businesses too need certificates to acknowledge the great contribution of their employees. So, be it a school or a company, everybody looks for a graphic designer to design their certificates. A few certificate examples that you should learn to design are training certificates, graduation certificate, a certificate that acknowledge awards or accomplishments etc.

Work as card designer

Card designing is another great way to boost your bank balance along with your monthly pay-check. You can develop your skills for greetings card and set up your own business around them. With Christmas around the corner, holiday greeting cards would be much in demand now. However, greeting cards can only assure seasonal income. Thus, it’s smarter to hone your Photoshop skills for other cards as well, like business cards or invitation cards. The most important invitation card examples are certainly wedding cards, engagement cards, save the date cards, event invitation cards etc. 

Work as website, flyer and brochure designer

Web designing is a huge field and demands extensive mastery of designing. However, a basic or moderate knowledge of Photoshop will allow you to design small budgeted websites. Added to normal web pages, try to learn illustration of infographics. Visual content is getting increasingly important today and infographic is on rising big time. 

Added to websites, businesses also need to release posters, flyers and brochures to spread their word among target niche. And they would be on the lookout for a smart Photoshop designer for spectacular marketing materials. 

 Work as t-shirt designer

Photoshop allows you to create spectacular artworks using a wide range of colours & a cool range of effects. Combine them with your creative instincts to create catchy t-shirt designs. You can set up your own t-shirt store with your own Photoshop artworks. However, if you don’t want to get into the hassles of operating a whole t-shirt store, there are various stores to work for. Look for the new fashion startups online and contact them with your designs. 

Why Photoshop?

Photoshop is the king of all the designing programs you find today. The software extends endless possibilities with a design so that you can manipulate and experiment with a design like a dream. Most importantly, Photoshop sports a robust suite which is way superior compared to other design programs. And of course, Photoshop is the language of all master designers. 

Some might point out the high-end interface of Photoshop which is not exactly the easiest UI in the market. It’s true that Photoshop might seem to be slightly complicated to a beginner. But no worries- there are hundreds of tutorials online to help you to get acquainted with the Adobe wonder. You will find both free and paid tutorials to help you out. These tutorials will help you to learn and practice the software right from the comfort of your home, in your spare time. 

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