Sleeping Dogs. What Do They Dream About?

5 years ago

I could be perfectly happy just sitting and watching my dogs all day long. I especially love to watch them sleep.  So when my friend, Yvonne sent this video to me, I just had to share.  It also reminded me of an article I wrote a few years ago about Kylie as a pup, watching her as she was dreaming, which I share below.  Hope you enjoy both.

Sleeping Dogs Video

The Dance of a Dogs Dreams

The colors of burnt orange, golden yellow and fire red trees warm our days, while the crispness of autumn nights brings a chill to the air.  As the cool winds blow I think about snuggling close with my canine blankets made of soft billowy fur.

Watching my 11 month old Lab drift off to sleep brings a smile to my heart.  To know she feels safe and secure within our home gives me a sense of pride to know I provide her with comfort.

Have you ever pondered the question:  What do dogs dream while they are asleep?  Some may question whether or not dogs really do think or have emotions.  I believe that they do in some capacity.  It may not be in the same aspect as we humans think or feel, but there is something that goes on inside those furry heads.

It is in the moment that my Lab, Kylie, is sound asleep that I take a big breath and relax.  All her antics of the day run through my head, giving rise to my blood pressure. As I see her so relaxed in her sleep, all the frustrations of the day are washed away.

One evening I sat still and watched as Kylie drifted off to slumber, I came up with these thoughts about her dreamland:

Her young, muscular body of strawberry blonde fur is stretched out on the hardwood floor in the hearth of our home.  The expression, Puppy Dog Eyes fits her face to a tee.  Her brown eyes begin to become half mast, but her youthful instinct fights to remain awake- not wanting to miss a minute of anything.  Short blonde whiskers peak out of her snout, reminding me of a pin cushion.  Each tiny, delicate, wispy whisker is precisely placed.

The dance of her dream begins with the twitching of her nose and she reminds me of Samantha from the 1960’s show Bewitched.  Her paws and limbs join in and she begins a waltz as she moves to the rhythm of chasing that elusive rascally rabbit through a field of gold.

Her soft ears, which I lovingly refer to as floppy flaps, tweak in curiosity as if to say, “Duh, which way did he go?”

She begins a fast dance with all four limbs jerking wildly as the chase is in full speed and she races furiously after the rabbit in her dream.  I place my hand upon her chest and feel the elated thumping of her heart. Then, as the rabbit escapes into some brush, the beat of your body begins to slow as she realizes the rabbit is long gone and the thrill of the hunt has ended.

She’s now out of breath and move into a slow dance to find her way to a cool place in the shade.  Her tired body feels the softness of baby green grass beneath her mitts and the warm sun penetrates her garment of fur.  She melts into the earth and welcomes the song of deep sleep as she drifts from the dance floor.

Quiet snores come from her throat as she sings a song of gratification and happiness.  As the depths of slumber find her, a deep long roaring snore crescendos through her nose- a nose that looks like it is made of the finest leather.

As she lay so still and relaxed, my admiration and love for her is so incredibly strong that I am at a loss of words to adequately describe the intensity my heart feels.  As I gaze at her sweet face I wonder where her dreams lead her.   And, in this moment, my wish for her is to always live in complete bliss and that no harm will ever come her way.  Sweet dreams my little friend.


Barbara Techel

Award winning author of Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog book series


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