Six Months Sober

7 years ago
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Six months sober.

180 days.

Early recovery.


Today I am very proud to say I am six months sober. Some people say six months is when you hit the first stage of early recovery while other people say you have now reached sobriety. I say I feel amazed, humbled and awesome. As I have mentioned many times before, like most alcoholics, this is not my first 'go' at being sober. In the past I have had six months up followed by two years. However, I have also said that this time around it feels different. I have done so much work on recovery from my disease and addressed the issues that allow the alcoholic in me to rear her ugly head.

Although I am having a rough time with depression at the moment, I take a lot of solace in the fact that I haven't once wanted to drink it away. For the first time in my life I am giving the medication and therapy a chance to work without adding the extra depressant of alcohol.

I can tell you that at times I didn't think I would get to 180 days without a drink and there were other times I couldn't wait to get here. I don't take one sober day for granted. While I am proud of myself today (without any ego), I know that everyday counts and every day I need to wake up, remind myself of who I am and that I have a disease called alcoholism.

I love the fact I have so many people who constantly support me on here, and at times without your support and encouragement I may not be writing this post. I also love my friends who have stuck with me, not just in the beginning but throughout the year.

My sober life today is so far removed from my life when I was drinking. Even in the tough times I have been ‘present’ to feel everything and that has made it so worth it. So at the end of this day I will be six months sober.

Tomorrow, I will be 181 days sober as long as I don't drink. One day at a time. And for anyone who is reading this and drinking more than they want to but don't know how to stop, I say to you there is hope. You can do it. Life gets better. Your life is worth it.

Anything is possible.