Six Blogs I Discovered Doing NaBloPoMo

3 years ago


Today is the last day of March.

This month I signed up to blog every day for National Blog Posting Month on the site The theme for the month has been "Self", and while I have to say that I only followed the prompts a handful (or less) of the time, I really enjoyed posting and reading the blogs this month.

I found out that I really don't like following a prompt for my blog, at least the ones that were given for this month. I found that they were too simple, or, funnily, too hard to write about. So I ended up winging it and just writing what I felt. And it was a good experience. I was lucky to have one of my blogs published on the main page of, and I can't believe it has had over 1600 reads already. I love sharing my blog with people, and I know I have a string of devoted readers who I really appreciate. I am happy if I get 30 to 50 people reading a blog post, so 1600 just blows me away.

For tonight's post, I thought I would share some of the bloggers I have discovered because of NaBloPoMo and These guys have kept me entertained and interested for the past month:

  • Killing Superwoman - I really identify with CJ Poindexter, the author of this blog. This particular blog post stands out in my mind. It is a very sweet story about how her son reacted when he found out 1) Michael Jackson was a real person, and 2) that he had died. It's just a super sweet story. I recommend reading her other posts, too.
  • Lupus Sisters - I really liked this blog post about being a recovering perfectionist because it talks about the vulnerability in writing a blog about your personal life. It really spoke to me.
  • Alphabet Salad - There were a few posts that stand out to me from this blog. Occasionally she would post 100 word short stories. I really like these. Also, she introduced me to a new kind of doodling called Tangling. Check it out. Pretty fun.
  • Moving On - Another blogger I just felt like I could relate to instantly. But this is by far my favorite story. It is all about her interesting and super quirky and bizarre visits with a new therapist.
  • mother of nine9 - This blogger is pretty darn cool. She is raising 9 children and living on a farm and has fabulous insights. This post is about how you can really connect with a baby's soul. You should also check out this post titled The Mystery of the Butterfly.
  • Winnie's Inky Fingers - She makes homemade cards and posts about them. I thought this chocolate chip cookie one was cute.

This is definitely not a complete list of all the cool blogs I have encountered recently, but these are a few that stuck out. 

It has been a fun journey this month. I think next month I am going to jump from NaBloPoMo to the A to Z challenge. I will be blogging about a different topic every day, based on a different letter of the alphabet. Tomorrow is A. I guess I should start thinking about it. :)

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