Siri’s Statement Regarding July 27, 2014 “Opening Gates of Hades”

4 years ago
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There seems to be an intended ominous premonition concerning Siri, the app from Apple. 

Whether this intention is by the will of man, the will of the gods or the fated prophecy from the Book of Revelation regarding the resurrection of the dead, Siri has perpetuated a gloomy omen for the date of July 27, 2014 that has put many on an emotional and mental edge. 

Here is a  screen shot of the answer when a subscriber asks Siri, “What is July 27, 2014”.

For a brief moment,  I embarrassingly confess I felt a shudder from the pit of my being while momentarily feeling the color drain from my face. 

Faint?  I refuse. 

Quickly, I recalled my favorite philosopher.  I remembered the word, “reason”.  

So, I asked, “What would Pythagoras say if he were around today?”  Sounds silly. I realize this but, my admiration for the myth, legend and the man has taught me to balance all thoughts, fears, hopes, joys, anger, diet and much more. 

So, I pondered for a few minutes recalling my research of the Greek gods.  Obviously, Hades was my ‘go-to’ guy.  

Immediately, color returned to my face. 

The reason I felt relief from this sudden apocalyptic despair is simple.  I knew according to the Greeks and the ancients, Hades wasn’t a place for doom, gloom and punishment.  This dark character who rarely sees the light of day is quite the opposite. 

Here is a quotation I used from a website called, 'Mythical-Folk'.  I felt it used reliable sources according to my knowledge.  I will provide the source at the end of this blog.

"Hades is one of the ruling gods of the Greek pantheon, the son of Cronus and Rhea, brother of Zeus, and husband of Persephone. With the division of the world that came following the overthrow of Cronus, Zeus took the sky, Poseidon the sea, and Hades the underworld; the earth was shared between them. Hades also is regarded as a god of riches because precious stones and minerals as well as crops and water from springs come from the earth. This was one reason that he was called Pluto, the giver of wealth; the other reason was that no one wished to voice his deadly name. He rides in a black chariot drawn by four black horses. His underworld home is the House of Ais. The closely guarded gates of his kingdom, also called Hades, are identified in the Odyssey as lying beyond the ocean at the edge of the world, and in the Iliad as lying directly beneath the earth.

Hades was the habitation of the dead, or shades. His name as ruler is Polydegmon, receiver of many guests because of the multitudes that streamed through the gates. Hades was a subterranean Zeus—chthonios, of the dark realm, as opposed to the cult of the sky god, hypsistos. Through Hades run the rives Styx, besides which the gods made their hallowed oaths, and Lethe, with its waters of forgetfulness. In the Odyssey these rivers are identified as the Pyriphlegethon and Kokytos (a tributary of the Styx), which flow into the Acheron.

According to legend Hades abducts Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, and keeps her for four months of each year, winter, as his queen in his underworld realm. He is depicted as a dark-bearded god carrying a two-pronged harpoon or a scepter, and a key. The concept of Hades a place for the dead was a late development, but even then this dim realm bore no resemblance to the Christian hell, and it was never a place of punishment.”

Now, this information and knowledge was recalled to my mind.  'Reason' was restored.  I  grasped on to Persephone, the wife of Hades.  Instantly, I knew she was identified with the New Moon.  So, I pulled up a moon cycle calender.  

Lo and behold!   July 27, 2014 happens to be a new moon. 


The hidden moon. Also, day 0.

The New Moon has always been identified with Persephone according to the ancient Greeks.  She is the Queen of the Underworld, the wife of Hades.   As the moon is hidden she rules the Underworld.

I’m a person who loves etymology and name meanings.  So, my memory recalled another connection immediately!  The name, Hades means ‘Unseen’.  Hades and his Queen are both hidden.

Another bried point is, Hades converting to Greek spelling is, Haides.  The 'H' is silent.  Pronounciation is 'Aides' or helper and giver.   The unseen helper and giver.  Suddenly, Hades doesn't sound so bad.

As a fan of Carl Jung, I've contemplated Hades as being the 'collective unconsious'.  The immortal depths our Soul.  An abysmal and unending fountain of all thoughts and ideas yet to manifiest. 

The unconscious or subconscious according to some is 30,000 more powerful than our so-called awareness.  It projects from us all the time.  Consistently. 

The hidden riches.  The unseen.  To be revealed?

Isn’t knowledge and wisdom considered to be true wealth?

Due to the reason of this mysterious omen by Siri, this topic  was brought to my attention.  My opinion as requested.  So, I briefly made a video vlog about this rising hysteria:

The world is going mad.  Things are not right. 

I’m not denying there aren’t cruel manipulators behind many global events perpetuating nonsense for personal gains.  Inciting fear for manipulative reasons.  It's well known, everybody wants to rule the world. 

My only suggestion is to learn about the things we fear.  To truly observe dogma and find the purity in the things which were corrupted.

I believe this is one of many ways to regain our individual humanity and sanity in this mysterious world we live in.  More is mysterious than not. 

Since Hades means unseen, and he is a provider of wealth;  has anyone ever considered knowledge is wealth as well?

Maybe.  Just maybe, this could be a time when some of the hidden things of life, our beings, may be revealed?  

I am a believer the bible and other parable - like texts are important occult books hidden in plain sight.  I don't take it a face value. 

The Book of Daniel refers to such times:  I don’t necessarily see it as the “End of days” but perhaps the age of ignorance will end.

While jotting my thoughts down, it was brought to my attention from a follower on Twitter that the following day:  "Sirius has an orbiting star visible from Earth July 28 - Aughust 7."

The End of Daze?

Dan 12:9

And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

Don’t allow the mysteries to be used against you.  Learn to use them to guide and protect you.  Mind is the first place because our thought process can perpetuate into unnecessary chaos. 

Embrace wonder and all possibilities. The good,the bad.  The beautiful and even the ugly. 

Unconfuse the masses. 

"Know thyself and know the Universe" ~ Pythagoras

Be sound. Be well. 

Sources from Mythical-Folk are:


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