Single Serving Blogs That Serve Up the Laughs

6 years ago

"Single Serving" blogs are a special niche in the blogosphere. As the New York Times explained, they are "highly specific Web sites that serve a single (usually inconsequential) purpose." And usually? They're funny. Really funny. Tears-rolling-down-your-cheeks as you try to explain what you just read but no one can understand you because you're laughing too hard funny. I'm sure some aren't funny, but the best ones are hilarious.

Here are some of the ones I frequent and/or subscribe to:

Damn You Autocorrect is my current favorite. Actually, it's our favorite, as my husband and I both delight in loading the blog and reading them aloud. In case you don't know, the iPhone has an autocorrect function when you're typing/texting. That's great when you mistype a word like "the." It is not-so-great when you are typing a word your phone doesn't know and it ends up saying something horrific. Of course, it's not-so-great when you accidentally cuss at your mom, but it is fantastically hilarious for us as readers. Keep on typing, my friends!

As an extension of the awkwardness of texting mistakes and the amusing-nature of parenting, When Parents Text is a newer blog that makes me laugh as well. My own Mom hasn't sent me anything post-worthy yet, but I should probably warn her that she's fair game.

I have a few family photos growing up that belong on Awkward Family Photos. In fact, my Mom was kind enough to bust out the family album over the holidays. Anyone remember REALLY BIG GLASSES? I'm sure you have some family photos from your past -- or present -- that qualify as, at the very least, awkward. Amusingly, some of the photos at Awkward Family Photos could probably overlap over at Smile Dead. I know you've had a picture taken of yourself that qualifies as a "dead smile."

If you like Sh*T My Dad Says but find it a little heavy on the, uh, language, you might prefer Dads on Vacation. I think I'll submit a photo next year!

I laughed at Unhappy Hipsters, whose tagline is "It's lonely in the modern world." Of course, at least they don't have a fake/dead smile, right? Or is that a six one way, half dozen another type issue? Hard to tell. You be the judge.

Of course, a long-lasting single-ish serving blog that ranks high on many people's favorites list is Cake Wrecks. My favorite post is actually one of their "these are legitimately good cakes" posts as it's about firefighter cakes. But I generally love the complete cake fails, humor and general feel of the site.

One important thing to mention: A few of these blogs have been turned into books, which begs a good question. Are single-serving, super-niche blogs easier to pitch as a book because they don't jump off track and talk about that one time their grandma did such-and-such and then jump into talking about better blogging and finally end up in a picture show of dyeing your hair? It's possible. Or maybe it's just because they rock so hard.

What are your favorite "single serving" blogs? Those super-niche, rather funny pieces of Internet awesome; share your favorites with us!

Contributing Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. She is a freelance writer and newspaper photographer.

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