Single and Happy: 5 Bloggers Celebrate Solo Living

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7 years ago
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All the single ladies: Have you told your mom you like flying solo right now -- only to have her desperately try to set you up with all her friends' eligible offspring? Revealed to a friend you're feeling a bit down -- to have her automatically assume you're unhappy about your single status? Tried to convince people you're quite pleased with your life as is at the moment -- to get skeptical and disbelieving looks from many people -- odd, especially from the unhappily married ones?

If so, you're not alone -- and you can rest assured that men too suffer from this you're-single-so-you-can't-be-happy phenomenon, as The Enduring Vision's satire "Used-Car-Driving, Non-Property-Owning, Unmarried Man Somehow Happy; Experts Baffled" humorously points out.

The good news is that there are many other single women out there who do believe you -- and blog about all aspects of single living to include, inspire, and educate you. Here are five of my favorites:

1. Bella DePaulo's Living Single. Best known as the author of Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After, Bella DePaulo debunks myths, lies, and skewed stats about all things single on her Psychology Today blog.

I especially love Bella's blog because she points out how rampant "singlism" -- discrimination against singles -- is. After all, singlism isn't just limited insensitive remarks and backward assumptions -- though those may be the most noticeable on a day to day basis ("A Lifetime of Singlism: Getting Crushed by a Ton of Feathers"). Singlist sentiments are still reported as scientific fact ("Avoid Stroke by Marrying? A Case Study in Misrepresentation of Marriage Findings") -- and singlism is even rampant in our institutions and written into our laws and tax codes (Can You Name the 1,138 Federal Hat-Tips to Marriage?").

Read both Living Single and Bella's personal blog, All Things Single (and more) for a much-needed corrective to our culture. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll learn a lot.

2. Onely: Single and Happy. Lisa and Christina, the two women behind this blog, delve into everything single from popular culture ("Jon Stewart Misses Chance to End All Singlism As We Know It") to their personal experiences ("Please Don’t Ask Me Out").

Onely's smart without being shrill, sensitive without being mushy. I especially loved Lisa's post on why she'll decline future requests to serve as a bridesmaid. To be clear, Onely isn't against couples. As the about page declares:

We are not against love, or relationships (even heterosexual ones), or marriage, or children ...

Nope. We simply stand against the misapplication of the value of these experiences. In other words, when society values those who are in heterosexual, monogamous relationships at the expense of people who are not in heterosexual relationships (or relationships, period), we think it’s wrong. We’re definitely against that.

Hand Holding a Gerber Daisy

3. The GINK Chronicles. GINK stands for "green inclinations, no kids," and is a descriptor coined by by Lisa Hymas, who proudly blogs about her child-free status and environmental passions for Grist. Lisa writes more about choosing to be child free than about being single per se -- but for single women who are often pushed to couple up because "the clock's ticking," The Gink Chronicles serves as a nice, no-pressure antidote to that bad advice.

Start by reading the GINK Manifesto -- "Say it loud: I’m childfree and I’m proud" -- then delve into the many posts and videos that shows you can enjoy being childfree -- and feel good about your lower carbon footprint too. I especially love Lisa's focus on child-free living and happiness, pulling from formal studies to personal thoughts from popular authors like Eat, Pray, Love's Elizabeth Gilbert.

4. Single Women Rule! Through this blog, I found out that we're in the middle of the National Unmarried and Single Americans Week right now! Single Women Rule's celebrating the week with a blog crawl, "to showcase the most influential writers and blogs – established and prevailing – in the online singles community."

The blog is a full lifestyle site, with everything from features of inspiring single women like The Wordpress Chick, reviews of films like The Runaways, and giveaways to random events like martial arts competitions.

5. SingularCity. Although perhaps best known for its magazine Singular, SingularCity also features an active blog that celebrates singular singles. Far from a dating-oriented blog, SingularCity seeks to "celebrate the benefits and positive aspects of the single lifestyle."

Based in L.A., SingularCity has a Hollywood bent, profiling successful celebs ("If being 'singular' means being sexy, savvy, independent, adventurous and single, no man does it better than George Clooney."), the latest cool gadgets and objects for your fabulous single home, and a lot more. SingularCity's CEO and Editorial Director Kim Calvert often blogs her personal thoughts on being singular, whether musing about being happy or being embarrassed while single.

So add those five blogs to your Google Reader this week -- and share who your favorite single bloggers are in the comments!

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