Simple Living Lessons Five and Six

3 years ago

     On to day five and six in my Simple Living book I am going through this month and next.  These two lessons focused on de-cluttering what comes into your house and what goes out of it.  Day five included going on the do not call registry, cancelling magazine subscriptions you don't use, and checking out your credit report.  Day Six involved organizing an easy way out of your home for things you don't need anymore.  

     Day five was easy for me.  We don't have magazines coming in, and we don't have  a land line, just cell phones.  Going on the national do not call list takes about 5 minutes and you can type in multiple numbers at once.  Thank you, whoever made that website easy to access and navigate!  

     Day six was also very easy.  I already have a box in the garage by the door labeled "donate", and one labeled "sort".  I use my sort box for clothes my kids have outgrown, or clothing that is out of season.  When I have a garage cleaning day, I get out all my clothes bins and sort them into the right bin.  I have huge tubs of clothes sorted by size for my kids.  That way, we can hand clothes down nicely and everyone only has clothes for the right season and size in their drawers at one time.  If we have too many clothes to fit into one bin per size, we save the best looking ones, and donate the rest.  Keep it simple, right?  

     I also have a set of cubbies by our front door (it's a little Kindergarten-ish, but it works!).  They are all labeled, and we use them like crazy.  Each of my kids has a cubby for shoes and things they are planning on taking in the van with them.  I also have a cubby for items to return to owner (apparently people leave stuff at my house all the time, because it always seems to be full!  This is also where I keep gifts that are going to  someone but haven't left the house yet.  Our recycling goes into a paper bag by the back door so it's easy to take out with the trash;  streamlined, baby!

     I did hold off on checking my credit, as Target is releasing information next week on the year of free credit monitering they are offering due to their data breach at the end of last year.  I shop Target a lot, and I am glad they are offering this to their customers.  I will check my credit just as soon as I get the information from them.  Anyone else need this?  Here is Target's press release and information on how you might be affected.  

     On a side note, I have kept my counters clean since my kitchen cleaning day.  I've noticed that even when the dishes are piled up high, if the rest of the counters and the table are clean, I don't feel as stressed.  It is going to be super important to me to keep up on the counters.  I've also cleaned the bathroom counters off since that day, and it is so nice to walk around and  

     Next up is managing your time.  I'm pretty sure I could read a whole book (or a few books) on this topic and still struggle.  Managing time with four little ones, especially when a few are sick, or one is potty training, or you are homeschooling, is challenging!  I hope I keep getting better at it.  I don't know that I'm looking forward to this chapter.  Until then, take care!

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