Like sight, POWER too is a gift.

20 days ago

Power is an intimidating word to most people.  It is something we should all strive for ourselves in order to know just how far we can go in our lives, by using what we were born with. Power is within all of us. Power seemingly attaches to a feeling of a force that cannot be matched, one that is stable, and strong. There are thoughts that we may feel that certain people just have it and that we were not one of the lucky ones dealt a so called "power card".  

In physics power is described as being "the time rate at which work is complete and then energy is transferred".  Each human is born with an electro/chemical energy system. It is once we understand the physiology of the human body that we can begin working on our powers within to produce the effects we want to achieve.  For example, making the decision to diet one must first grasp a sensible plan and an ideal weight loss, and then inhibit a mental power to stay focused on the areas they feel need improvement. It is only then in "get fit" terms, how much energy we are willing to exude that we see the results.

Physical, chemical and mental energy are all a part of human power and with these key ingredients as your "back splash" protection, you are able to whistle away the dirt that has kept you from seeing your true sparkling power. 

Back to the thought that power can be intimidating. It in fact does feel like a true statement when ones power was achieved by way of force, control, greed, cheating and manipulation. Though this type of power is not sustaning. It can be taken away, challenged, and hold life time consenquences, once determined that the realization of this power was not charged from a positive emotion. Therefore power should not run along side the thoughts of intimidation. Intimidation holds connotations of insecurity, jealousy and doubt.  We do not like these emotions. And if you do not like something, you change it, and you change it in a way by tranferring and adapting to your own physiological power. Remember, (the time rate at which work is complete and then energy is transferred).  If the power you are seeking comes by way of our true gifts, it is then only, that power becomes innate and it is yours to keep forever.  

There are all types of power, but, there is only one type of power that should be accepted and respected. Legitimate power.  By first taking your key ingredients and expounding upon them through determination, true will, responsibility, and hard work, you will then achive your own legitimate power. 

I write about this because I see how people are seeking power  "by any means necessary" even if it will not serve them any due credibility. Only to watch their lives become forsakened by choosing to take the "easiest road" to fufill some sort of power that is not ideological. Many people in legitimate power already know that nothing worth having comes easy. 

On a ending note there is another way that can afford you material power, and that of course would be by hitting the PowerBall Jackpot, though legitimate, your chance of getting hit by lightning is approximately 1 in 700,000. So you're 251 times more likely to be hit by lightning than you are hitting the PowerBall.

Begin working on using the POWER within you have, now.

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