Should You Run Facebook Ads?

The simple answer to this question is YES! Even before you budget big dollars toward print advertising, make a line item for social media advertising. It is more cost-effective; it has visual, immediate results and you can better select your demographics.

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Over the past several months, you've probably read about the change to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm. Companies are complaining that fewer followers see their posts now due to these changes. That’s true, but it’s only because Facebook made a very smart business move. They have a captive audience of over 1 billion. Why wouldn’t they try to capitalize on that number?

If you want more people to see your posts, promote them. If you want more people of find your business page, run an ad.

Facebook has made it necessary to run ads to successfully promote your posts and ads, but they aren’t forcing you to pay excessive amounts to do it. You can budget $5 a day to promote a post or to run an ad. Several of my clients budget $100 a month to Facebook advertising. That’s not a lot of money to spend on marketing, but they still see a great return on their investment. For that $100, they see their “Likes” grow, and they experience more engagement on their page. The best part is that it’s measurable. You can spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a month on print ads, and there’s no concrete way to measure your ROI. Sure, you can ask people how they heard about you and maybe get an answer, but there are no real numbers.

I’m certainly not saying there is never a need to use print advertising, although I may eventually come to that conclusion. Right now, I believe that a small business with a small marketing budget is better off allocating funds to online marketing -- especially when you consider that you can set your parameters for the ad. When setting up a Facebook ad, you can select the country, state, city ... all the way down to the zip code. You can make it so that your ad only shows up for women between a certain age group, or, say, men of a certain age range who enjoy outdoor sports. You select your demographic – which, of course, makes sense for a business marketing plan.

5 Things Facebook Advertising Will Do for Your Business:
  1. Gain a new audience: marketplace ads target your potential new followers.
  2. Engage new and existing followers.
  3. Target fans & friends of fans: Sponsored stories will put you in front of your friends and your friends' friends.
  4. Expose your brand to new demographics.
  5. Spread the word about business events and sales quickly.
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