Should You Keep a Modern Designer Cremation Urn in Your Home?

While losing a loved one is not something we want to think about, sadly, it is something that we all have to deal with at some stage in our lives and, amongst the many other difficult things that you will have to deal with at that time, the question of how to keep the deceased’s  ashes will arise.
Some people will choose to have cremation ashes scattered at an appropriate place, others may choose to have the ashes kept in a memorial garden, but many people do choose to keep the ashes of someone who was dear to them in an urn in their home.
In years gone by, keeping the ashes of a departed member of the family in a traditional urn was quite commonplace, and often the urn was displayed in a prominent place in the home. Today, however, sensitivities to such things have changed and people are a little bit more cautious about having a memorial of any kind inside the home.
People are faced, then, with the difficult decision of doing what they really want to do and keeping a lasting memory of the person who has passed away close to them, or bowing to the sensibilities of others.
Fortunately, modern cremation urns do not have to look like the cremation urns that you may remember, perhaps, from your grandparent’s home. You can now get unique urns for ashes that are beautifully designed and look more like works of art than they do funeral urns.
Funeral urns are now available in different types of designs, so you can have a memorial in your home that you won’t feel uncomfortable about when someone outside of the family comes to visit. Some cremation urns are modern in design, while others, like the angel urns in the main image, are handcrafted pieces of artwork that are both tasteful and unobtrusive.
These particular ashes caskets are one-of-a-kind works of art made by artists and they are a wonderful way to honour the life of a loved one and keep their memory alive, but they are made in such a way that they can have a special meaning for you, but other people do not have to know what they are, unless you choose to tell them.
Unique, handmade, artistic urns with soul cremation urns for ashes like these are beautiful in their own right, and they won’t look out of place on a mantelpiece, sideboard or shelf in any home. They will have a very special meaning to you, but to other people hey could appear to be just an ornament.
When you lose someone you love, you should be able to commemorate their lives with a funeral urn if that’s what you want to do. So, don’t be put off what other people think about you having a funeral urn in your home, take a closer look at some the modern cremation urns that you can buy and you will find a style of ashes casket that both you, and visitors to your home, can be perfectly comfortable with.
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