Should You Hire a Social Media Manager?

social media manager

Hiring a social media manager is like hiring a nanny or an assistant.  Will they be a good fit?  Will they understand how I like to run things?  Do I even need one?   Here are a few reasons why you may want to hire a social media manager and a couple of reasons why you might not want to hire one.

Reasons why you should hire a social media manager:

  • We study the industry all day (and some of us all night).  The field of technology is constantly changing.  Every day there are updates to existing platforms, changes to standard practices, breaking news (remember the Instagram diabolical? – if not, you definitely need to hire a social media manager), analytics reports, etc.  Keeping up with the inundation of information is a full time job.
  • We understand analytics.  This is an important one.  If you don’t study your social media analytics you’re missing the boat.  This vital information tells you the best times to post, is your audience engaged, and if changes need to be made to your campaign.
  • We have the time.  While you’re day is filled with everything from human resources, shopping new merchandise, customer service, marketing, accounting, etc., our day is devoted to social media.  Finding the time to fit even one more item on your plate can be tough.  Remember, it’s not just about finding time to throw some posts up onto your Facebook wall.  Content should be well thought out and engaging.  You also need to have time to answer questions and communicate with your followers through social media.
  • We know social media marketing strategy.  There is a science to making social media work for your business.  You need to be engaging with others on social media, generating buzz, and growing organically through social media marketing efforts.

Reasons why you wouldn’t hire a social media manager:

  • You don’t have the resources.  If your budget just will not allow for hiring a social media manager, then instead of budgeting dollars, budget the time to learn.  Learn the basics about the popular platforms.  Find out how to read your analytics correctly.  Research how to grow your business through social media.  It will take a great deal of time and effort but do as much as possible.  Hopefully as your business grows, you’ll have the resources to hire a manager to help with your social media work.
  • You have a business that is better served by running social media efforts in-house.  There are several businesses that I’ve consulted with that should, if possible, have someone internally perform their social media management.  It could be their office manager or other skilled front desk person.  For example, I recently did some consulting work for a veterinary office.  The type of strategy that wanted to take on their social media platforms dictated that someone on their staff do the posting.  The posts were medical in nature, required client consent and photos were needed for virtually every post.  It would have been impossible for an outside manager to handle the tasks.

Here’s my honest opinion on small businesses hiring social media managers: if you can afford it, do it!  I’m not just saying that as a social media manager but as someone that has owned my own small business.  I know how fast a day flies by in the world of small business ownership.  I also understand how much time needs to be devoted to an effective social media marketing campaign.  Your business needs to be in the social media conversation.  Whether you hire a manager or not, just be sure to become socially active.

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