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6 years ago
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Where should you drive traffic? That’s a really good question…

Once again it’s Q&A Thursday and I am going to answer a doozie today!  I love to see that you are really thinking online business strategies through and trying to do things in such a way that will give you maximum results for your efforts. Good job guys, please keep these great questions coming and I’ll keep helping you figure things out.

So let’s just jump right in, shall we?


I was taught that you should always build opt in offers and your giveaway pages on a WordPress blog with nothing else on it.  I came across a very successful internet marketer the other day that is putting everything in his blog and it seems to be working like magic for him.  I don’t want to find out I’m doing this all wrong down the road.  What the heck is the right way and why?
– Jon S.


Jon, this is a great question!  One that if you ask a few different marketers, you’ll likely get a few different answers.

In the first several years of internet marketing, everyone always kept everything they did on their websites. You would never build a stand alone blog with an opt in page on it. Ever.  After all, why would you want to spread yourself out like that and make it harder to be found?  Back then, when the internet was new, the competition was light and so was the traffic,  it just didn’t make sense at that time. Heck, in the beginning Google didn’t even exist!

Nowadays, the internet is a loud, noisy place to be. You have to do whatever you can to attract the search engines and if you do that right, prospects.  And If you do a lot of other things right, they become customers.  Google’s algorithms (In simple words an algorithm is a step-by-step procedure for calculations – Wikipedia) change all the time, so what worked to drive traffic then, may not work now and what works now may not do such a hot job of it in the future.  That’s why I can’t give you a cut and dried answer.  I can however tell you what I do and why.

In the beginning I created all of my opt ins, sales pages, products and download pages on their own stand alone sites that housed just that giveaway and or product.  That’s how I was taught so that’s what I did. A really good argument for this strategy is that way there are no “shiny objects” to draw their attention away before they opt in if they are on a stand alone site. That’s one major reason they say you should use stand alone sites for your opt ins. The other of course is that it should have a keyword rich domain name.

Now that I have been at this a while, I don’t do that as much.  Sometimes I’ll put an opt in offer on a stand alone blog, but I always direct them back to my site to get the goods. Everything I do now points to my main site.  I have a couple of membership sites out there because to house them on my main site would get messy. I also have several feeder blogs with opt ins, but they all point back to the mother ship to receive the freebies.

It only makes sense to me that search engines are more impressed with targeted “high” traffic than they are with it scattered all over the web. I learned that from a very successful marketer who has built a multi-7 figure income in 18 months.  She insists that everything should be in one place so all of your traffic is concentrated on just one site.

So, just how do you get all that organic traffic the search engines send you if  you don’t have a bunch of keyword rich domains floating around out there in cyberspace? It makes sense that the more keyword rich domains you have out there the more likely you will be found by more people. I’m not poo-pooing that at all.  You can have your stuff on your site and still have a keyword rich domain name redirected to the page. Voila`! The best of both worlds.

Many of my opt in’s are on my website, as well as products and many of my sales pages. I want the end result to be that they come to my site, period.  When choosing a theme be sure to use one that allows  you to create pages with or without sidebars. That way there is less “shiny objects” to draw their attention away before they opt in. This is also another good argument as to why they say you should use stand alone sites for your opt ins.

That’s the reasoning behind both theories.  You have to decide how you want to do it. I personally prefer to cover all my bases, but the most important thing to me above all else is getting them to my site. The more traffic you have to your site, the lower your Alexa ranking (that’s good) and the more relevant your site becomes to Google and the search engines.

Hope that shed some light on it for you.  Thanks for the question, Jon!

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