Should I Be Getting Use To This?

5 years ago 

Things to see walking around town. 

Should I be getting use to this?  I keep thinking these homework assignments are going to take 10 years or multiple lifetimes and instead the answer appears to show up in less than an hour.  Started sitting with the curiosity exploring the depth of hollowness.  The first screen showing up was revisiting my experience with the Redwood trees and Gurudev's feet to remind me of the interconnectedness of everything in time and space.  Observing that screen with my newly detachable brain led to the obvious--infinity.  There is no limit to hollowness.  It is undefinable and infinite.  If it was definable than it couldn't be infinite--like the Divine.

I was observing how cool that idea was when I guess part of the answer was to show me something new with my body.  All I can say is that I have never been on an amusement park ride like this.  Not having a body was only a warm up.  Somehow, I was in darkness, no sense of any direction, and no sense of limit.  It was almost nauseating to be left in a space with no sense of right side up.  It didn't appear to last long, but wow--a new dimension in space?  There wasn't the usual shakti, so when my body reappeared, it was heavy and dense.  I was thinking, "Great, is this the new feeling I have to live with?"  But the experience triggered one of the deepest memories I have of childhood--being locked in a metal box.  Could that have been my soul's reaction to taking on a body? "What am I going to do with this dense piece of equipment?" Cosmic humor unfolding.

 Of course as I started to read Vivekenanda's book, he was talking about all of this like it was an operating manual for a refrigerator.  Thank you universe for the three part answer:  conceptual, experiential, and intellectual.  Now I understand how we are all a spark of God and connected, but on an experiential level instead of conceptual.  His book addresses the levels of understanding we go through in our spiritual evolution.  I remember when I went from high school to college that some of the principles of science were completely rewritten.

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