Sheryl Sandberg Made Me Cry At BlogHer13

Yes, she did. I saw her at BlogHer13 and she asked the crowd, have you ever told your daughter she was "bossy" when she was little? And then she went on to say that we should say instead: "what a future leader you are". Or something to that affect, I forget her exact words, but they hit me in the heart.

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I am not sure if I raised my daughter to be all she could be. I could be guilty of not encouraging her enough, perhaps there could have been some positive thing I could have told her in the middle of a down on the floor flailing arms and legs temper tantrum. "You will be a great leader someday" was not exactly what crossed my mind in the middle of a tantrum. But it was what I should have reinforced.

My mom, bless her heart, was raised in the 30's and 40's and she certainly wasn't brought up to believe she could be ANYTHING, do ANYTHING she wanted. And she passed that on to me, "Take secretarial courses Karen, you need to always have something to fall back on" was what I heard when choosing classes for high school. College wasn't even a suggestion. And in the early 80's when I was raising my kids, I wasn't armed with the confidence that I needed to be a mom, to raise my daughter in this world.

But now she knows. She learned. She Leaned In with Sheryl at BlogHer13. And it's never to late to let your daughter know this... reinforce this in her, always. Our girls can be anything, do anything, can rise to the top of the cooperate ladders.

BlogHer'13 in Chicago

Thank you Sheryl. Your words touched my heart. I don't live in regret, because I didn't know better. But now I will encourage and empower her. Because you touched my heart. And it's never too late.

What was your "moment" at BlogHer13?

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