Sharing Your Blog on Other Sites (The Invisible Blogger)

4 years ago

I read this blog post,, here on BlogHer tonight, and in a way it hit on a problem I'm having with sharing my blog and gaining readership.

I'm a mom so I should join the mommy blog sites where you share your blog and give blog loving, right?  I don't know!  I'm a mom to a 9 year old, but I'm much older (49) than the moms that seem to participate the most on these sites.  On one particular site, I posted in the forum, added my blog link, and didn't have ONE response.  I added my blog to the post that everyone seemed to be responding to, and it was as if I was invisible.  Okay, so there's no pouting in blogging.  I left the site and figured it wasn't the one for me. 

I joined another and other than LOTS of irritating filler for my in-box, it was the same kind of thing. 

Admittedly, my blog has its up and downs because the blogger has her ups and downs.  I post honestly about my job loss, my financial issues because of said job loss, my breakup.  I write about my son's anxiety issues and his counseling as well as my own.  I also blog about my arts and crafts,photography, family events, you know, the stuff you blog about. I will say though, posts have been more about the issues and problems than the crafty good stuff lately.  Ten months out of work has taken it's toll.

I tried to make my blog attractive, maybe I tried too hard, but I think after the switch I recently made (for more than one reason) the blog looks good, is easy to navigate and has a more positive "energy".

So now, how do I gain readership?  I don't want to be "famous" for my blogging, I guess I just want to make some blogger friends, share something that hopefully will help someone no matter if they can relate to my son's anxiety issues at his young age or they like the scrapbook page I created.  Am I making sense?  Maybe a critique of my blog?  You can see Peonies and Popsicles through my link posted here and then from there go to HeartScraps, which was, what I felt, a place I needed to vacate because of the negativity of all my posts.  Since I'm in the middle of a midlife crisis, looking for work at my age, I was being very negative, and I know that needs to stop in order for things to change.

Okay, so enough rambling.  Hopefully, I got my point across and there's someone out there who will "see" me and give me some pointers. ;)


Jan S.

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