The Sexual Positions You Should be Doing

6 years ago
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Good old missionary. It's the first sexual position you ever try  and the one that you will do for the rest of your life. Sounds pretty boring if you ask me. Sex isn't just a one position activity in my opinion. Your bed and body can become an erotic jungle gym if you are open minded and ready to spice things up a little. I think of missionary like steak. Steak is nice and fulfilling but I don't want to eat steak all the time. I like to eat chicken too. I also like sides along with my steak. The same goes with my sexual positions. I love riding but I  also love a good wheel barrel ride too. Here are some positions that will have you waving bye-bye to boring sex.

1. Heels To Jesus- The woman will lay flat on her back with her thighs close together and her legs straight in the air. She then will lift her hips off the bed placing her buttocks at a 45 degree angle letting the  male penetrate her.The male will need to be standing up while the women is on the edge of the bed or can be in the upright  position with his knees on the mattress. He then needs to grab her hips or legs and lift her buttocks each time he enters her.

 2. Criss Cross- The male will lie on his back facing north on the bed and the woman will lie on her back facing south. The woman will then put on leg under him and one leg on top of him. The male will then slide between her legs and aim his penis downward to penetrate her opening. He then will grab her leg that's on top of him and pull her towards him as he enters her.  

3. I Surrender- This is basically doggystyle but the woman will not be on her hands or elbows in the bed. She will lay completely flat only arching her buttocks in the air. Then the male should take her hands and hold them behind her as he penetrates her. I suggest using silk ties or handcuffs to full "surrender" and to keep not have to hold her hands the whole time.

4. The Lap Dance- The male will sit in a chair while the woman sits facing away from him and he is inside her. The woman will then bend down and place her hands on the ground and lift her legs slightly off the floor( or you can keep your feet on the ground). Once your hands are supporting you begin to bounce your buttocks up and down with the male still inside you. Don't bounce too hard because you can bend and hurt his penis if it slides out of you and you didn't notice.


 One thing that is great about these positions is that you don't need to be super limber or flexible(although The Lapdance will require some stamina and upper body strength to support you) and can be done by anyone. If you still want to find even more positions to add to your arsenal then I suggest looking into buying some books such as

  •  The Little Bit Naughty Book of Sex Positions
  • 365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year
  • Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking

Each book are some of my own personal favorites and give details on how to make sex an adventure. I also suggest putting your own spin on all of these and really making it your own. Follow these Nikki True approved positions and missionary will become a thing of the past. Happy Humping



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