Sex With The "Uncircumcised" Man

6 years ago

Someone has got to say this publicly (Mom, you've been warned).

Am I the only woman in the world who has had sex with an intact man and one who is circumsized?

(Thank you David for being my model today).

Okay, I know I'm not.

The issue of circumcision is a HOT topic these days in America. When moms are deciding whether they will circumcise their sons they seek out advice from doctors on health benefits, they hear from circumcised men on how boys should look down there, and may investigate the experiences of men who remember having a circumcision after their neo-natal years (and would like to forget it).

I know this is really a man's issue but where are the ladies on this matter -- as their sexual partners?

I had been thinking about male circumcision long before I became pregnant with a boy.

When I was about 13 years old, my aunt sent me an article that appeared in a men's magazine about infant male circumcision. She found it so enlightening and horrifying she wanted me to read about it. The photos were of a baby strapped down, screaming with his penis bleeding badly.  It was in a hospital setting and everything looked quite sterile and typical.  Here is a link to similar photos.

The effect of the photos on me were profound. I knew right then I would not have that done to any future son of mine for no obvious medical reason.

Fast forward through the high-school years when I became personally aquainted with my first penis. I don't remember anything significant or remarkable about it. It was what it was: clean and healthy. About all I could hope for. And it was circumcised.

Throughout college I had no opportunity to see what an intact penis looked like, much less learn how it functioned. The word on the street was that it was ugly and dirty.

Eventually during my single lady years, I ventured off the circumsized male path so to speak. During intimite moment with a non-American male, I noticed that something was different.  The sensation was kind of a little surprise. It was certainly unique and decidely nice.

For the record, when a man is erect, his foreskin is difficult to see. Later I was told, that the "decidely nice" part was foreskin.

When I see potions and vibrating products available today, it seems like many of them try to mimic the effect that is naturally available with foreskin. Most American women do not know this. I have had few opportunities in my life to talk with other women about a man's fascinating foreskin, so I am taking the conversation into the blogosphere. 

Some of the most interesting information I have found during my research was the resentment that some men have about being circumcised.

"Shock-Jock" Howard Stern is notoriously bitter and angry about his circumcision.  As a grown man he learned about foreskin's sexual sensitivity.

Here is a link to his comments and the comments of other men who have felt like something is "missing".

In our modern era of free-love, there's got to be more American women out there with credible experience on this important matter.

Writer Kristen O'Hara was so entralled with her first foreskin encounter it inspired her to write a book called Sex As Nature Intended It which goes into great detail how the foreskin functions during the act of sex.

And all you get from me is this measley post :)

If you found this page while investigating the pros and cons of the circumcision issue, I hope my overshare helps you consider this important aspect about the man your baby boy will one day become.

A doctor who performed circumcisions for 25 years offers her perspective on this book, infant male circumcision and sexual health right here.

Any and all thoughts and comments on this post are welcomed.

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