Million Moms Fight Gay Wedding in Archie Comics

5 years ago

Another day, another misguided moral panic.

This time, it’s One Million Moms sending up flares about the fact that some Toys "R" Us stores are selling Archie Comics, featuring a gay wedding.

Image: Robin Nelson via ZUMA Press.


The concern of One Million Moms (the actual number of whose members I do not know) is that this comic, being displayed at the checkout counter, will incite all kinds of difficult questions from children “on topics that are too complicated for them to understand” (you know, unlike the topics that might come up when kids are exposed to toy weapons or camouflage-patterned toys and clothes, war not being a bit complicated).

OMM also points out that issues “of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon,” and that a “trip to the toy store turns into a premature discussion on sexual orientation.” This, the petition points out, is “completely uncalled for.”

I know you think I am going to say One Million Moms is wrong, but I didn’t call for a premature discussion on sexual orientation with my kids, did you? See? Uncalled for.

OMM is right, though. The toy store (any toy store) is just glutted with explicit messages about sexual orientation, aimed straight for our children.

Let’s consider for just a moment, how many toys revolve around themes of sexuality.

First, there is almost every single Disney tie-in product, from coloring books to costumes, screaming at even the youngest children, that boys and girls fall in love and get married and…live happily (nudge, nudge) ever after. 

Then there are the wedding-themed Barbies and their cheaper, knock-off sisters. Wedding dresses, Ken dolls to serve as grooms and husbands, and dream houses with…bedrooms (ahem)…to go live in together abound in the doll section of the store.

If these weren't enough, there are racks of costumes for little girls, encouraging them dress up as princesses or brides themselves...bound for a honeymoon suite with a waterbed, no scandalously young age.

How many teenie-bopper role models from (again) Disney are selling kids on the idea that a happy tween girl is one with a crush on a boy? How many pretty teen boys singing love songs are sold to those tween girls to outfit their underage sexual fantasies?

Frankly folks, it’s abundantly clear that there is a hardcore agenda afoot to recruit children into a heterosexual lifestyle. There is no way it could be natural—otherwise, why would we would to work this hard at shoving it down children’s throats?

So, in the spirit of One Million Mom-raderie, I have started my own petition to Toys "R" Us. It calls for the removal of all this inappropriate material from toy store shelves. After all, only a parent has the right to introduce such topics to her children.

You can read (and sign) my petition here:

CFO, Toys R Us: Stop Forcing Heterosexuality On Innocent Children


Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


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