Seven Things Your Website Should Have to Grow Your Business

3 years ago

One: Responsive Design.  Your website should be Responsive. That means your mobile users will be able to navigate your website easily, without magnifying the screen to read your content you spent hours and hours writing. Responsive Design makes your website display well on any device: iPhone; Droid; iPad; other tablets; laptop; desktop computer. Why? Because if you don't, your competitor will and snatch up your business. 

Two:  SEO. Search Engine Optimize your website so it's found by the keywords your tribe is using in Google and Bing. Why? So you can have STREET CRED. When your future customers find you in the top ten search results in Google, they're going to think you know what you're doing. And you do!  Some of them will call you. 

Three:  E-mail Marketing. Give away something hugely helpful to your website visitors in exchange for the opportunity to give them more help every week in the form of a short but helpful tip regarding your area of expertise. Be sure to capture their email address via Mail Chimp (free up to 2,000 subscribers) or AWeber or another email marketing company. Why? Because each person on your list has given you permission to show them how knowledgeable you are, every week when your weekly newsletter arrives in their inbox.  Eventually, some of them will hire you or buy your products.

Four: Blog. You're reading this on BlogHer's blogging platform, so you know the importance of writing articles (blog posts) with helpful information for your tribe, that only YOU have the experience and knowledge to share. Make your content and your style so one-of-a-kind compelling that your readers can't wait until the next blog post comes (notification via email from my Tip #2, above). Why blog? Besides growing your tribe and building authority in your field, you can achieve other important goals. For example: write your book, one blog post at a time.  There are multiple ways to strategically use what you write, over and over.  Research "recycle blog content" in Google or learn how to become part of BlogHer's Paid Publishing Network here. (Note: as of this writing, I am NOT affiliated with BlogHer's paid publishing network.)

Five: YouTube. If you don't like to write, but being on camera appeals to you: create a Video Blog or Vlog and start your YouTube Channel and publish your videos there, too. One of the best examples of this is one of my all-time favorite entrepeneurs: Marie Forleo. Go check her out. Or create tutorial videos, if the thought of being on camera is unappealing.  You do have to learn a little technology to make a DIY video but there are so many solutions and a few good Video Gurus to learn from that you can do this in very little time.  Or hire a professional video company if you have the budget for it.

Six: Social Media Marketing.  Do your research to find out which social media YOUR ideal clients like to hang out and engage with you the most. Don't try to do all at once unless you're a social media marketing professional.  If you're a DIY person, by now, you've probably already educated yourself on social media and why you should have it as part of your marketing plan.  If not, get consultation with an expert who has a list of references and case studies for you to check out.  I could write volumes about this subject but for today, this particular blog post is the Seven Things Your Website Should Have to Grow Your Business.

Seven: Measure. With so much data available, there's no excuse for guessing if any of your marketing is working or not. Get Google Analytics code installed in your website pages and then log in to your GA dashboard at least once a week to check the overview. Teach yourself one new thing about GA once a week. I promise you will grow business when you know how to measure how your marketing is doing; fix what's broke; measure again and keep improving. But use data to help you. 

So, now you know the top Seven Things Your Website Should Have to Grow Your Business. Now you're no longer operating in the dark. You're empowered! Now go get these seven steps implemented, whether you do them yourself or hire a professional to help you.  Good luck! Your future customers are looking for you right now. Make it easier for them to find YOU.

Lori Gama

Social Media Strategist

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