The Secret to Effective Selling - Roundup

7 years ago

If you are in business, you are a sales professional. I don't care if your business is widgets or service, you must be able to sell effectively if you plan on staying in business.

As someone who came from a corporate background where no sales was required, it was a rude awakening for me to enter the world of entrepreneurship and have to...



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There is both an art and a science to it. What I've learned is you can do it effectively and do so from the heart. Yes you need to sell, but no you do not need to turn into a stereotypical used car salesman by a longshot. Check out these eight posts from some top entrepeneurs to help you on your own journey to successful sales.

Tweaking the Steps Along Your Sales Path
Karyn Greenstreet-Passion for Business
See how websites can be the starting point for the sales relationship and what needs to be in place to keep a customer from the beginning.

How to Increase Sales in 3 Steps
Melanie Rembrandt-Start up Nation
Three important steps to help you improve your sales strategy.

4 Obstacles to Getting Plenty of Ideal Clients Now (They are not what you think)
Beverly Boston

4 major person reasons why people cannot close deals with their clients and a discussion on how to move past them.

How to Get High Paying Clients to Choose You…Instead of Somone Else
Laura Cross-Rock Your Expertise
How to set yourself apart in an environment with a lot of competition.

You Gotta Leave the House
Suzanne Evans
Guess what? If you want to make sales you actually have to leave the house and meet people.

The Violent Truth of Freelance Sales
Freelance Folder
What to always remember about your business and product when getting into sales as a new entrepreneur.

Sales Tips for Shy People
Freelance Folder
How those who get uncomfortable talking in front of people can still be successful at sales.

7 Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople
Young Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur? Then you are also a salesperson. This articles explores not how to sale, but the traits a person who wants to be successful needs to work on attaining.

What have you learned as a small business owner? What are your favorite tips, resources, or books for honing your sales skills? Would love to hear from you in the comments...

Paula Gregorowicz, The Intuitive Intelligence™ Coach
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