A Secret about Sharing Recipes...If You Promise Not To Tell!

Did you know that many chefs withhold recipe secrets, such as ingredients and cooking tips that give their signature dish that unmatched flavor edge? They know better than to give it all away. They know to withhold 1 or 2 important taste factors that give it the ultimate taste difference. I can tell you that this home-reared chef has at times been tempted to do just that, and, in fact, in the past—a very long time ago—indeed I have. In my defense, I will tell you why.

When a friend or relative has sampled one of my personal creations, a particular dish they have found to be truly delicious—so much that they want to go home and duplicate it—it is natural that they would want to ask for the recipe. I, too, will often ask for a recipe I like; however I also remember seeing reluctance on some of those faces, a look that said, How dare you ask...or being told flat-out No!

A close friend of my mother absolutely refused to give her family’s Mexican enchilada recipe away. She said the recipe had been given to her by her Mexican mother-in-law; a recipe passed down many generations. And let me tell you that this lady never budged, and never allowed anyone to be around when she was putting together her casserole.

I, too, have encountered this with a very close and dear friend. She has a cheesecake recipe I want and she will not share it; she will not budge. Close friends eh! This recipe was given to her by a woman she met many years ago, and only after she’d begged and pleaded for the recipe was she able to extract it from her. But not before she swore she’d never share it with anyone else. This is her story and she is sticking to it!

I, on the other hand, continue to share my recipes with her. I will not be one to ‘cause a “friend” to break a promise.

Not giving away your recipe, or omitting one or two ingredients or even important how-to’s, is not about not wanting to share or see “them” receive praise for your creation(s). You do not want to see “them” getting credit for what is rightfully yours. This did happen to me, a couple of times, and I cried a river after that.

A neighbor, thought to be a friend, requested a couple of my recipes to make for her family, and I gladly shared them. Only to find out later that she had published them in her church’s cookbook, with my exact ratios and instructions, claiming them as her own.

I should have learned then but didn’t. This happened to me yet again!

Now I publish/blog my recipes on-line, they are found on the Internet. But now they bare the date of when my recipe is first published; they belong to me. I am the author. The date my recipe is published is as close to having a Copyright. So I have no reason not to share and give all my secrets away. I want people to taste and enjoy my hearts creations, exactly as I have enjoyed them.

So take my secrets and make use of them, just remember to give credit where credit is due, to HomeRearedChef. And please, do enjoy!

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