A Second Look at Vine - Make a Scene

5 years ago

Vine - Make a Scene, a new app from Twitter that lets you post 6 second videos, is making the scene (sorry, couldn't resist that dorky pun). Momo Fali introduced you to how it works in Will Twitter's Vine App be the Next Big Social Media Thing?. We've learned more about the App since then and are ready to take a second look.

Vine logo from vine.co

Bloggers familiar to BlogHer readers have chimed in with comments and reviews about Vine.

Gena from Create Video Notebook commented in Then Came Vine - Twitter Video for iOs about some of the things Vine video might be good for:

I have an example. Perhaps you observe a not exactly legal action of a few members of your local law enforcement department. You hit record. The video could be posted before they try to snatch your iPhone.

Yes. Doesn't mean that you aren't gonna get hassled. Let's say it is a form of truth insurance.

It can be used for truly spot news, a brief moment in time or, like Daniel, a way to take your creativity out for a walk.

Natalie at Technology for Moms reviewed the app in Vine – Make a Scene iOS App Review. She mentions her favorite features and has suggestions for improvement.

Easy to use interface, and finding friends is a breeze.

Account set up is easy, especially if you have a Twitter account.

Who doesn’t love a popular app that is free?

This app has some serious creativity potential! With just a few tweaks (see below) this app could really go places.

One of the tweaks that Technology for Moms points out is a complaint shared by many early users: "Video’s can only be captured vertically." This is a widespread criticism. Twitter may listen and figure out how to enable users to capture video in landscape orientation. There are other critiques, which Technology for Moms summarizes very well.

At Alexandra Wrote, Alex is concerned about Vine TOS and IP Rights. She shares some key points from the Vine Terms of Service and says,

Vine, you have a cool concept. I’m not sure how much time one has in their day to sit and watch 6 second videos by all their friends, but I think people will probably start taking the videos they make and use them in their blogs, their tweets, their posts. I want you to at least pretend you care about their IP. I want you to have the usual legalese about royalty free rights and a stern warning to users about copyright infringement.

Instead, I see a really complicated explanation of how people can contact you if their work has been taken, and you waving any responsibility whatsoever if something bad happens.

Video is Spelled S-E-X to Some

Of course, where there's video, sex will follow. It did almost immediately. TechCrunch posted Twitter's Vine has a Porn Problem and CNN posted Does Twitter's Vine have a Porn Problem? CNN answered that question affirmatively and quoted an apology from Twitter about a particular incident,

"A human error resulted in a video with adult content becoming one of the videos in Editor's Picks, and upon realizing this mistake we removed the video immediately," the company said in a statement sent to CNN. "We apologize to our users for the error."

Apple figures into the whole "adult content" discussion about Vine, because it has been their policy that nothing will be allowed in the App Store that crosses the line into adult content. Twitter is currently using hashtags to hunt down and delete offensive video, but that hardly seems like a long-term solution.

In YouTube fashion, Vine users can report videos that they consider offensive, which could result in accounts being banned. Again, this hardly seems like a long-term solution.

Seeing Vine Video Outside of Twitter

Websites have already sprung up for the purpose of sharing Vine video. One is Vinepeek. Another is Vine Roulette.

Since Momo Fali first wrote about it a few days ago, I'm sure many have downloaded and tried it. What are your thoughts on Vine?

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.

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