The Season of Anticipation of the Season

9 years ago

Mamacita says:  We have entered that time of the year that is my very favorite:  the season of anticipation of the season. 

Planning and preparing for the holidays is what I look forward to
all the rest of the year!  I did most of my Christmas shopping in
April!  My Christmas music has been in the cd player since the day after Halloween!  I'm pathetic. 
This time of year makes me happy.  Just looking at the calendar makes
me happy.  I am not made glad by just ANY calendar page, mind you; only
the ones approaching the year's crown: December.  I love eveerything
about Christmas, from the family reunions to the making of lists to the
checking them twice to the cooking and baking to the actual Reason for
the Season.  I love it all.

I love it when people wish me well in whatever way their particular
beliefs phrase it.  When people wish me well, who am I to get all huffy
and indignant and insulted, just because someone wished me well in the
language of another culture?  I'm HONORED!  I thank people when they
wish me well.  What difference does it make how it was phrased? Why in the WORLD would I get all out of joint because someone wished me well?  Quite
honestly?  People who are insulted and angered when somebody smiles and
wishes them well, just because it was done in an unfamiliar way, well,
I consider such people to be nasty prissy joy-bashers who really,
really need to get a life and pay attention to the world. It ain't all
about YOU, ya know. 

Please!  Wish me a Happy Kwanzaa, or a Happy Hannukah, or Season's
Greetings, or Merry Christmas, or Happy Christmas, or Joyous Santa
Lucia Day, or Happy Winter Solstice, or Merry Las Posadas, or Happy
Holidays, or Blessed Christmas, or Happy Winter Thick Fur-Growing
Squirrel Preparations.  I love it.  Thank you!  Thank you, for
including me, with your greeting, Thank you for wishing me well.  Thank you for including me in your own joy.  Thank you for including me in your plans for celebration and
happiness!  I haven't got a clue what some of your greetings might
mean, and I quite possibly phrase and do things quite differently from you, but since when was THAT important?  I just think it's nice that
you shared.

(Parts of this essay were previously posted on Scheiss Weekly)

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