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3 years ago

Just to remind everyone that this month I am blogging about Memory and more importantly Mnemonics.

I am suffering from "my brain is a sieve" syndrome. I need memory triggers for everything lately. It is so frustrating!

Today I am going to discuss where I keep my blogging ideas for future blogs. I so wish I knew how to attach pictures to this blog. UGH!

In my phone, I jot down blog posting ideas in the Notes section. I previously discussed this technique and I may have mentioned that my first entry in the Notes, occurred on February 3, 2011 ay 11:55am.

Here is what I wrote that day:

What is up with Girl on Girl behavior in school? Personal space PLEASE.

Family Business and keeping it all in the family.

Control when you lose it, albeit temporary.

A simple take on a complicated life.

Means to an end

Becoming addicted to something you don't enjoy.

Amos Lee

Parenthood philosophy...look into same eyes, recognize same behaviors...and yet your agenda and luggage clutters the view.


Have I written about any of these topics? I think I may have. I can look back and verify.

On my desk, I have a Jeopardy calendar and I answer questions every day. On the tear off pages I write notes. Another source for blogging ideas. I just transcribed about 6 scraps into my phone and threw the papers away.

I read an article on an airplane in July, on my flight home from Maui. I took pictures with my phone, of quotes from the article that I thought I would blog about.  Haven't done that posting yet.

I was at a fundraiser and a conversation turned to after school pickup and the different ways it evolves as our kids get older. I mentioned a mom who dresses great every day to get her kids. We laughed about my next blog being called "Dressed up for Pickup". I put that in my Notes on my phone.  The title sounds controversial. The subject matter not so much. That blog too remains unwritten.

I have many ideas for blog postings. I have days when I feel positively limited by writing only ONE blog. So far I haven't NOT written because I had nothing to write about. No time to write? Yes.

For sure.

Ideas a-plenty I have!

I guess because writing is such a big part of who I am and what I do, keeping the ideas easily accessible is a must and I am managing that portion quite well. Unless I lose my phone.

Lordy may...why did I even mention THAT???? Curses.

I know you can email individual notes from the NOTES section but I have over 200 different notes.... you know damn well I just went in and counted...I have 209 individual entries!

Not all of them are blogging ideas of course. But I entered them so at some point between February 2011 and this morning, when I entered a short to do list, they were important and I don't delete notes...obviously.

I totally need to explore the downloading options. Get that shizz out in the day it could show up on a slide show proving my creative genius/memory issues/unorganized life/weird shortcuts I take/mnemonics. <------Kidding, no mnemonics.

I feel good about my chances. Someone out there reading this will give me a solution. Or steal my phone. That seems unlikely though. Plus I have a screen lock on it and I know that is hella secure.




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